a0018711_23322358.jpgIn the evening on 3rd March, I flew to Tokushima where a part of Shikoku. It was rainy when I arrived at Tokushima airport. Then I caught a bus and changed to the train to quite country station. When I got off the train, Noriko was waiting there to pick me up.

She lives in Kamikatsu town. But actually it looks village. In fact, it took an hour to get her home from the station. Anyway, Kamikatsu was quite rural place and I loved it.

By the way, why I went to Kamikatsu was Working Holiday. Noriko works for the town (village?) planning company. And the Working Holiday is one of the project. In Kamikatsu, there are many old people lives, especially farmer. Then, 35 (I suppose) young city people visited there and stayed and worked at the local people's houses.
But actually, it would begin on 4th. And so I stayed Noriko's house on 3rd. And in the morning on 4th, I assisted Noriko's parents to work. It was interesting. Her parents cultivate Amego which kinds of freshwater fish. I went up to the mountain by car with her mother. There were covered with snow. I just do easy work there. There I could feel fresh air. It was so nice. There was about 700m above sea level and so it was a bit cold.

When we had a break at the cabin, she checked something on the computer. I asked her what she was doing. She said,
"It is stock trade. You know, in the country, what people enjoy is like this. Stock. It's very nice. I'll teach you how to get money. It's fun."
She is a very funny lady. Well, I said,
"I don't do gamble."
Then, she got angry.
"It's not gamble, you know? It is business!!"
"Oh, I'm sorry", I said.
She is really funny.
Well, she had been to some foreign countries. Her talk was interesting. She really likes talking. After that, She and Noriko's grand mother prepared great lunch for me. Noriko's grand mother was also funny. She also likes talking. Then, I could really relax. But she gave me too big lunch with a smile.. And I ate too much then. Anyway, I already had a very nice time before begining Working Holiday.

To be countinued...
# by KazuFromNZ | 2005-03-13 23:33
a0018711_1465012.jpgIn Hokkaido, there happens Sapporo Snow Festival in February. But I have never been to Hokkaido. I wanna go there someday. Well, this photo is a photo of photo. It is a post card. From Teiko.

I caught it a couple days ago. She lives in Sapporo and she told me the Festival was great. Although I was visiting her home in Sapporo some time, she is going to leave there before long because she was tired from the overwork.

"Perhaps I will go to NZ again! after that.", she said.

I'd like to go to many places, too. Before that, I have to work hard. Maybe I can't go to New Zealand for the time being. Anyway, I'm gonna quit my job in April and afterwards, I am going to the temple in Nagoya. It's called "Tokurin-ji (Tokurin temple)". I am meeting quite interesting people there and will think what kind of job I choose next.

There perhaps I will attain enlightenment though I'm not a Buddhist.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2005-03-12 23:59
a0018711_23512744.jpgIt is my off day tomorrow and so I've come to my parents' home in Kasukabe city now. This week, I haven't had good sleep. I haven't had good food. At last, I will have these tonight at home.

Last weekend, I went to Tokushima where a part of Shikoku. I'll tell you about it later. After the short trip, I decided to quit a job at the begining of April. Now I've been working at the noodle shop. After I quit a job, I am going to visit a temple in Nagoya, and stay a couple of days or perhaps a week. That time, there has a big festival, and I will work (help?)there. I hear that about 200 Nepalese people come to the festival. I am quite curious. And so I go there.

After that, probably I'm looking for a new job. I am going to get a job which I can get better pay than the present job. The noodle shop staff is my 5th job after I came back to Japan, I suppose. I enjoy changing my job. But my parents always say,
"Can you keep to live? Can you pay for the rent of apartment? Don't be dead"

Then, I wonder what I do. Anyway, I'm going to think about it at the temple. See you maybe tomorrow.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2005-03-11 23:47
a0018711_2572815.jpgThe day before yesterday, I got an e-mail from Sandy. She said,

"It's National Friendship Week. Show your friends how much you care"

That was why I sent e-mails to some friends yesterday and also today. Maybe tomorrow too. I am usually lazy. But sometimes I am diligent. In a word, I am a man of moods. But I like writing. What I am? I don't know.
Anyway, I am writing now here because I felt like writing. It is me.

See you tomorrow.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2005-03-10 23:59
a0018711_23155293.jpgHello, somebody. How was your day?

Lately I haven't renewed this site. But just now, I decided to keep renewing this site again as before. I decided to do anything I like. I like writing English and so I write. I don't like studying English lately and so I don't study.

In January, I had TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). And my score was 415. It's not good score, indeed, it is bad. They say it is level D. But my listtening score was not bad. I mean my reading score was too bad. I belowed the average of high student in reading score.

I know my weak point. It is vocabulary. I don't know many English words. And so I would study vocabulary first of all. However, I couldn't it because it was so boring, you know. And for a while I left English.

But today, I felt like using English. I felt like writing English. Then, I realized that I might do it anytime. Before that, I don't know why but I'd thought I have to study English before begin to write something. It was wrong.

Anyway, I'm going to write something here maybe everyday even if my writing skills are terrible and it was a normal day. Because I like writing something and I want to use English.

Then, see you maybe tomorrow.

# by KazuFromNZ | 2005-03-09 23:17
a0018711_21291661.jpgHi, someone. How's it going? How's your day? It was a normal day for me today. But it means I had a good day.

I got up at 4:30 am this morning and prepared a lunch while had breakfast. Although it was raining in this morning, I went work by bicycle. Although I live in Yokohama, I work in Kawasaki. There's not so far place, indeed, near from my home. About 20 minutes by bicycle.

I work for a noodle shop in the train station and the shop opens at 6 every morning. A great many business men come there to have noodle for breakfast or lunch. We cook soba (buckwheat noodles), udon and curry. I had those for lunch at first, but I wearied of them. However, can you believe that some people come to our shop to have soba every day? And besides acutually, it's not a couple of people, maybe over 30 people. Anyway, I can't became to like soba like them. And I have to save money to be alive in Yokohama. That's why I bring my lunch everyday. By the way, there are about 800 people come to our shop to have noodle everyday while I work there, from 6 am to 2 pm.

Yeah, it's a really great many people, ay? Our shop is Japanese train station style. There are no chairs, no tables, and quite small. There are only 3 or 4 shop assistants all the time the shop opens. Everybody has noodle while standing. Although there is a counter along the wall, our shop is quite small. That's why when there are so many people in the shop, it looks in a train. And they are all eating. The sight is quite nice. I love it though I have to work hard whenever I can see the sight, you know.

a0018711_2130347.jpgAfter work, I came back home and went to the boxing gym. Well, that is the reason I work for the noodle shop, and also the reason I came to Yokohama. Today, I trained at the gym from 3:30 to 5:30. And afterwards, I went to supermarket to get some food to be alive. And came back home, went running, came back, had shower, had dinner, and now I am typing this journal.

Last Sunday, I had TOEIC which kinds of an exam of English. Although I haven't kept studying English after I left New Zealand, I decided to study English again. Ah, it's not good. I decided to enjoy English again. In New Zealand, I haven't studied English. I've just enjoyed it. Anyway, I will renew this website once a week from now, maybe. And I'll reply many e-mails which I've got from my friends, within a month, maybe.

Although it was a normal day, it became unusual because I renewed this website now. Then, see you someday.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2005-01-26 21:31
a0018711_1201316.jpgHello, somebody. How's it going? I'm pretty good. But here is a bit cold. I prefer summer. Ah, I want the warm sunbeam of New Zealand. New Year's Eve, it was snow in Yokohama. Although I don't really dislike snow, I like a warm day. Well, I think many Japanese have become to hate summer since last summer. I hear it was burning these days. Then, I had winter days in New Zealand, you know.

Well, I write what I've been doing in Japan today. On e-mails, lots of my friends ask me,
"What do you do?"
And some of them guessed that I worked for a big company. Unfortunately I don't. And I won't do it so far. Since last October, I've worked at many places and have quitted some of these. Although I had been tired these days, also I'd been enjoying my new life. That was like study through experience. I saw some behind-the-scenes of communities. Some of them gave me good knowledge or experience but there were also something disappointed me. Then, I had to face dark real. These days, many times, I thought
"Where am I now?"
"Who are they in front of me?"
"Why am I here?"
"What am I doing?"
"For what?"

The day I came back from NZ, on the train from Narita airport, I saw lots of Japanese who looked really exhausted. Then, I felt that I'd already become a stranger.

That is why (I hope you see what I mean vaguely), it's often difficult for me to work at Japanese community. But I think it's easy to select a job all the better for that. Finally, I started to work at small noodle shop in a train station last month.

I work there usually from 6am to 2pm. After work, I go back home and go to a boxing gym to train. Actually, I moved to Yokohama to go to the boxing gym. There is very comfortable place for me, stranger.
Even now, I often feel that I can't adapt myself to Japanese community. But actually I like it. I mean what I am a stranger. I like my style. And so I'll make my original story. Although it seems quite different that my life in Japan and in New Zealand, my style doesn't change. I've had mysterious days as ever. Just like as I lived in NZ. I enjoy it. I like trying. I am just curious. And that is my life.

How about your life? How was your day?
# by KazuFromNZ | 2005-01-10 23:59
a0018711_1551850.jpgHello, somebody. Not everybody. Several months ago, around 20 people used to come to this site per day but it's become just a couple of people lately. In fact, I haven't renewed this site after I left New Zealand. What was worse, I haven't replied many e-mails which my friends had sent to me. That was why some my friends wondered if I had passed away.

Anyway, I am alived. Now, I live in an apartment in Yokohama. My room is quite small. It is only 12 square meters including kitchen and bathroom. But it's comfortable for me.

By the way, this is a journal, you know. This morning, I went to Shibuya to watch film. Actually, the last time I'd been to cinema in Japan was 10 years ago, I was an elementary student. Then, I watched cartoon (named Slam Dunk) with my brother. Ah, it was a long time ago. Anyway, I hadn't been to cinema for a long time. Then, why I did it this morning suddenly was that I was interested in the theme of that film. It is Ohenro. I can't explain about it for now because I haven't really known that even in Japanese. The scene is Shikoku which one main island of Japan. There are 88 temples which many people visit. Oh, it is like pilgrimage, maybe. And the pilgrims are called "Ohenro". They travel by bus, bicycle, walking, or something else.
Anyway, I am going to do it sometime. Maybe within 3 years. Then, Of course I'll go by bicycle.

By the way, the name of the film is "Road 88". It is a Japanese film. And I think this film wouldn't receive a favorable review so much. Because the story and the ending were normal and old style. But I like it. Tastes differ. That film gave me power and made me happy. That's enough to me.

Well, there were only 20 people at the cinema when I was there this morning. And besides, I was youngest of the audience. Most of them were old ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, it's natural because it was in a weekday morning. By the way, I worked in the afternoon today.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-12-21 23:59
a0018711_1132125.jpgIt was the last day of English school for me. Then, I made a speech. Actually, I made a speech in January. That time, I was very nervous and took a bit long time. But today, I could make the speech while relaxing. It might be thanks to audience. I was really glad that my speech could amuse them.

After the speech, Eileen asked me to write the quote on the school magazine. I told the quote at the speech.

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why it is called present.

Nancy has taught me the quote. She was Sindia's host mother. This evening, I visited her house and then she prepared for wonderful dinner for me. There was his son living there

...to be continued.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-09 01:13
a0018711_21403485.jpgA couple days ago, I made a poster to sell my mobile phone and a sleeping bag. But I hadn't got any rings and so I asked some my friends if they need a mobile phone or a sleeping bag. Today, I did business at school.

Then, I found the person who wanted to buy the sleeping bag. Then, we started to bargain over the price. We were serious.
"It is 10 dollers." I said. Then,
"8 dollers!" She said.
"How about the mobile and the sleeping bag, in total, 90 dollers?"
"Show me. ...Let me think... How much was it?"
"200 dollers. If you buy both of them, I'll give some food or seasoning as well."
"Let me think. How about 50 dollers?"
"50 dollers? Then, I'll sell to a shop."
"Wait! How about 60 dollers?"

We talked for all the break time. Finally, she decided to buy just the sleeping bag. She said that she would think about the mobile phone by tomorrow. Anyway, I enjoyed to bargain over the price.

Actually, I could sell the mobile phone to another Japanese guy. He rang me in the afternoon. He came to Christchurch just a few days ago. And so he was also looking for a flat. Then, I asked him what he thought about our flat. An hour later, he came to our flat to buy my mobile phone and have a look there. He seemed to think he liked it. Then, I invited him for tomorrow lunch. Tomorrow, Cullen, who is my flat mate, is going to prepare for lunch party for me.

"Come to the party as my good friend, please." I said like that though I've got to know him just today. Anyhow, it must be good fun.

By the way, I'm making a speech tomorrow at school. I have to think about that but the devil of sleep (sleepiness) has come onto my brain just now. So, good night.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-07 21:03
a0018711_21375256.jpgThis morning, I got up at 7:30 and so I had to be in time for school. However, the bus was late this morning and I arrived at school late a bit, again.

On the bus, there was Michiko sitting there. She told me that some people had argued with the bus driver. Then, I looked around in the bus. Many people looked angry. Some people seemed furious.

For my part, I didn't care if the bus had been late an hour because I am a just student now. In Japan, whenever trains are late, it makes news even if it is only 10 minutes. And then, many people get furious. It is Japanese, particularly in Tokyo. I'm going back to such society. I wonder if I could live there well.

Today, I feel very sleepy and so I'm going to bed now though it is 8 o'clock yet. Good night.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-06 15:29
a0018711_21355846.jpgThis morning, I woke up at 9. Yes, I overslept again and late for school. I arrived at school at 9:40. I've been sleepy in the mornings lately. Well, I've heard some my friends not to feel so good lately. Michael, who is my teacher, said that is hay fever or perhaps the cause of daylight saving. Last Sunday, summer time started. Then, sunrise and sunset became later.

And so it had been 8 o'clock that I woke up this morning if it hadn't been summer time. But it had, unfortunately. In Japan, they say spring is good season to have an afternoon nap. In spring, many people are sleepy at the daytime.

After school, I went to the bank to close account. Then, I had a chat with the bank lady. I talked about my life in New Zealand a little bit. I've stayed in New Zealand for an year, I've been to school, I've worked, I'm going back to Japan on Sunday, like that. It was nothing special for normal people. But for me, it was great and I was really glad because my first day in New Zealand, it was quite difficult even to have lunch at Burger King. Today, I could enjoy talking to a bank lady. It was amazing.

Afterwards, I caught the bus and then said "Hello" to the driver. And 15 minutes later, I said "Thank you!" to him as usual before got off. Thanks to the bus driver and the custom of Kiwi, it has really improved that my pronounciation of "Hello" and "Thank you".
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-05 20:52
a0018711_1920812.jpg This morning, I overslept a bit but I was just in time for school. Although I began the course just last week, I moved to a new class today. And so I can't remember the names of my classmates. Anyhow, it is a nice class.

In the afternoon, I went window shopping to look for souvenirs. Well, I don't have much money and so I checked around all of the souvenir shops in the city centre. It was really good walking. Then, I decided what I buy and where. I'm going to buy those later because I mustn't be an impulse buyer now.

In the evening, I went to the library of the University of Canterbury to read a book. Then, I went up on the 10th floor. I could see the bird's eye view there. Although I was going to read a book, I just looked at the fresh view. I could see many aeroplanes descending toward the airport. Ah, many people came here today, and also many people have gone, I thought. I wonder how I'll feel in the aeroplane on Sunday.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-04 19:18
a0018711_2034073.jpgAlthough I'd made a mistake yesterday, I went to the Town Hall to see the concert tonight. It is named "International Organ Proms 2004". A German man played the pipe organ.

It was nice but actually I couldn't fully appliciated how great he was. Anyhow, it didn't matter to me. I had a very nice time. While I was listening to his performance, I thought about my life. Then, I also thought about his life. He seemed to enjoy playing organ very much. I like to see people do something hard and enjoy it.

Listening to music by CD is good but to go to concerts is quite different and wonderful, at least for my part. Well, it was the last Sunday in New Zealand to me. Next Sunday night, I will be in Japan. Ah, I wonder what I will be doing next week. I can't imagine it is just like when I came to New Zealand. Actually, I like it. I mean I like mysterious life. How about you?
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-03 20:32
a0018711_21213888.jpgI had a fantastic day. It was sunny but it was already 6pm when I went out. I wore quite formal clothes to see a concert at the town hall. However, there was nothing there tonight. Actually, the concert happens tomorrow. I made mistake. Then, I got a ticket, and I'm going there tomorrow night anyway.

After that, when I was walking on the street in the city, I heard that somebody shouted my name. Then, I found it was Carl shouting from a car on the road. Carl was my contractor when I worked at a vineyard in Blenheim. It was a really chance meeting. He was with Dennis who I lived and worked with in Blenheim.

Then, we had dinner together at a Korean restaurant. There was a Nepali man with them. He began to work in Blenheim after I left there. By the way, it was the first time for me to talk to a Nepali. I've stayed in New Zealand for nearly a year. I met lots of kind of people here. It is a very interesting time for me. In the Korean restaurant, our table looked a little bit strange from other tables. There were Korean, German, Nepali, and Japanese at our table, and besides only I wore formal suit. A year ago, I could never guess that I would be having dinner with such international people a year later.

After dinner, I waved good bye and caught the bus back home. On the bus, I had a chance meeting again. There was Michiko sitting there. The last time I'd met her was..., I can't remember. Maybe in February. Nevertheless, we'd known how we'd spent the time through e-mails.

By the way, her flat is quite close to my flat. We got off the bus and went to her flat. Her flat is quite big. There are 6 people living there. It seemed like small YHA. Then, we talked about our strange experiences. She told me about travelling in Australia. She faced lots of troubles at that time for example, losing a wallet. But she said that it had been very good time for her to gain courage and improve English skills.

Well, when I was leaving her flat, it was already 11 pm. And so she was worried about me. You know, a Japanese boy was killed in Christchurch last week. That was why many my friends have been worried about me lately. In fact, I often walk in the night.

"If you die tonight," said Michiko. "I must have a regretful life forever." I'd heard similar words many times over the last year. Then, I said,
"Such life might be interesting as well."

Anyway, I got home without incident, and am able to tell you this. So, good night.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-02 21:20
a0018711_21194532.jpgCullen, who is my flat mate had special lunch for Ai, Shoko, and me at our flat. Ai and Shoko are the assistants of his business. Actually, I am partners in as well. Next week, Ai is going back to Japan. That was why Cullen prepared for special lunch today.

He is good at cooking. He cooked Fish pie and Boysen berry cheese cake. It was very good. After lunch, we watched slide show. Last week, we went to Elderslie which is near Oamaru and there is Cullen's garden there. The photos of the slide show was taken at the time. We took strange photos for the website for his garden. Actually, I've been making the website for him. Well, we took photos to look like summer and autumn though it was spring there. We were crazy but also smart, perhaps. Today, when we checked the photos, it looked summer and autumn, we felt.

Anyway, we enjoyed it. And it doesn't matter if the photos look summer or not. It's just Cullen's business, I talked to Ai and Shoko like that. We are bad assistants, aren't we?

Although I haven't uploaded those strange photos on the website yet, you can look at it. It is almost finished. But I'm afraid that one I made is a Japanese site.
Victorian Garden School
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-02 21:18
a0018711_12161453.jpgThis morning, Tomoko went back to Japan. She is the first Japanese who I met in New Zealand. She came to New Zealand the same time as me and started to go to English language school, and besides we were classmate. Actually, we had the lowest level class then.

Although I'm not sure what she felt about me, I thought we had partly similar life in New Zealand for about a year. I mean we have thought of our lives for a year. In fact, we've had different experience. Well, she went to many towns to work at farm. I went to some place to get interesting jobs. In fact, we had the same problem about money. But I think that the problem gave us wonderful experiences each.

Only once we went a trip together. It was last October. We went to Greymouth with three Taiwanese; Sindia, Sandy, and Tina. I felt that it was quite long time ago, like once upon a time. Tomoko had the same feeling as me.

That time, we used to be worried about everything. Like as children. Then, the Taiwanese girls looked strongminded for us. But now, we've been grown up by New Zealand.

Tomoko told me that she realized that she really liked her ex-job though she'd quited it. She said she was going back to be her ex-job. That was her answer which she could get in New Zealand. And, I have also realized many things in New Zealand as much as I can't tell it.

Who did make Working Holiday? I really think. Maybe he could never guess that many Working Holiday Maker would go back to their countries in entirely changed mind.

Anyway, Tomoko left New Zealand today. She said,
"Both I met first and last was Kazu."
Ah, everybody has gone. Tina, Sindia, Masa, and Tomoko. They came to New Zealand the same time as me. At last, only I am here, in Christchurch. I wonder how they are now in their hometown. I am still alive in Christchurch. Now, I can feel the season which we felt the time we arrived in Chch last year. And before long, it'll be time to leave for me as well.

See you Tomoko. Good luck with your lovely job.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-09-30 12:14
a0018711_1235311.jpgThis picture is not Fendalton library. It's Cathedral, you know.

This morning, I overslept and late to go to school. When I arrived at class room, Anet, who is German girl, said,
"Oh, you had wonderful time last night?"
Actually, I got home 12:30am last night. I stayed at the backpackers, where Tomoko stayed, for a bit long.

In the afternoon, I went to Fendalton library. It took about 15 minutes on foot from my flat. There is quiet and nice place. There is good place for reading and also sleeping. I slept there for about an hour and afterwards read a book for two hours. I like library especially in Christchurch. Many libraries of Chch are built on beautiful place, I think. I wonder if I visit all of libraries in Chch before I go back to Japan. Maybe I will.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-09-30 12:02
a0018711_11591255.jpgThis evening, I met Tomoko in the city and went shopping to get some food for dinner. We had dinner together at the backpackers where she stays.

We went to Pak'n Save which a popular supermarket in New Zealand. Then, Tomoko said,
"I wanna see around all lanes here because it should be the last time I come to Pak'n Save."
I laughed and joined the tour of Pak'n Save. It was interesting. She keenly saw around food on show. Then, I wondered if she would miss Pak'n Save.

At the backpackers, we cooked Hamburg steaks which my best specialty dish. It was good but a little bit big. Actually, everything was too much. Rice and cabbage as well. Nevertheless, we had all of them. Tomoko said,
"I've had all. I could. I am afraid of my appetite. It is absolutely amazing for my former self. But it has been normal for me now, unfortunately."
"No worries," I said. "You would be emaciated by your work soon in Japan."
"I hope so." She replied.

At the backpackers, there was a Japanese girl who'd just arrived in New Zealand yesterday. It was an interesting meeting. We are leaving soon but she has just started the life in New Zealand. Then, she was making plan what to do from now.

"Now I just understand how Momoko felt last year," Tomoko said.
When Tomoko and I met Momoko for the first time, Momoko had already stayed in New Zealand for 11 months. Then, Momoko told Tomoko that Momoko envy Tomoko. Now I also understand what Momoko meant.

Today, I talked to Tomoko lots of things for a long. Maybe it was the longest time we'd ever had. I was really glad to be able to meet her Chch this time. Actually, she would go back to Japan in July or August before.

Anyway, I had wonderful dinner time today. Thank you.
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