All is vanity.

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Today I slept well. I heard it'll be stormy tomorrow. I like it sometimes.

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a0018711_22681.jpgToday I went to Nihonbashi, Tokyo to take a job interview. But I think I won't be employed, maybe. I wonder what most important thing for me in my life. When I went to Tokurin temple, I deeply thought about it. My sense of value has been wavering and changing many times since I went to New Zealand.

A famous haiku poet, Basho Matsuo said that life is like travel. Also my life is travel. And also it is game. However, I often forget it when I spend time in a big city. Because everybody seems to compete each other. Do I have to compete with them?

Then, I chose going travelling. Maybe I like my sense of value to waver. If I stay in a city, my sense of value also stays. Although I go travelling, I have to make money before that, anyway. Then, I look for something job.
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When I went to Tokurin temple, I practiced zazen (meditation in Zen Buddhism). Those time, I often saw the blue sky of New Zealand...

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a0018711_1274166.jpgFrom 3rd to 9th April, I spent in working at Tokurin temple. That time, it happened "the Festival of Buddha's Birth" there. Mr. Gufu who I met in Kamikatsu town last month, told me about the temple that time. I am just curious so I decided to go there, and I quitted a job.

I reached there in the early morning of 3rd. Tokurin temple stands on a hill. And the hill is covered woods. When I reached there, it made me wonder that I was deep in the mountains. There is silent.

Then, a man appeared.
"Hi, I am Yamanaka. Mr. Watanabe told about this temple and I came to help the festival", I said.
"I see. Follow me",
he said and began to walk. Then, I thought he was just a man who just worked there. But actually he was a priest. He was the owner of the temple. He didn't look such a great person. Anyhow, he showed me to the kitchen of a small hut. There was Mr. Gufu.

a0018711_1282460.jpg"First, what can I do?", I said.
"Then, could you broom the room?"
"Yes, sir."
There was a long room next to the small hut. He said that the long room would be used for a Nepali restaurant. He is good at cooking especially Nepali cuisine.

Anyway, my Tokurin-ji days started so.

To be continued...
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a0018711_20183125.jpgOn 4th to 6th March, it happened "Working Holiday of Kamikatsu town" in Kamikatsu, Tokushima. Then I went there and took part in it.

At 1pm on 4th, Noriko's mother drove me to the meeting place. We got there a little bit late. But no worries. There was not Tokyo.

I went into the large room. The meeting had already started. There were many old people (maybe seventies or eighties) and young people (maybe twenties) in the room.

We listend the explanation for a while. There were seven kinds of work places. Then, we decided that by "janken" (rock-paper-scissors). Finally, it was decided that I stay and work at the Watanabe family.

a0018711_20184876.jpgWell, I worked with another man who from Tokushima city. His name is Naoyuki, and 29. After the meeting, we moved to the house of Watanabe. Mr. Watanabe drove us. He lives with his wife, Mrs. Atsuko. They have two daughters but both of them had gone to a city.

That was why we spent for the 3 days by those 4 members.

As soon as we arrived there, we began to work. First, we chopped wood. Actually, the most of our work was wood chopping. We do that also next day and the day after too. Because they really need firewood to live. Their life looked nearly self-sufficiency. The house stands in a mountain.

By the way, it was a bit difficult to chop wood for us at first. Then, Mr. Gufu showed us how to chop wood well. Well, Mr. Watanabe is called Gufu-san. He has another last name but he makes himself known to people as "Gufudo". Maybe he made the name for his work. He is a ceramicist.

a0018711_2019296.jpgWell, Naoyuki and I chopped and chopped and chopped wood until dark. Actually, we really enjoyed it. It was fresh work for us. Mr. Gufu said to me,
"Your chopping is very powerful."
"Well, acutually I train myself", I said.
"Oh, I see. But please be careful. Whenever you feel tired, you can stop working", Mr. Gufu said.
Naoyuki called me "swordsman". He said that my shopping looked like a swordman to swing down a sword.

When it was getting dark, we became to miss chopping. Then we decided to finish working. Then, Mr. Gufu caught a phone call from the town office. Then, all other people had already finished working. Mr. Gufu said,
"Ahh, maybe the town officer thought that I was a strict supervisor."
Although he said that as just kidding but I thought he was a bit natural worrier.

At the dinner time, Mrs. Atsuko cooked wondeful dishes. By the way, they are vegetarians.

To be continued...
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a0018711_04712.jpgToday, I read books all day. I like reading a book on a train. On a train, I often image the passenger's lives while reading a book.

Now I read a mystery. I think all our lives are mysteries. Somebody said,
"Tomorrow is mystery"

And now I go to bed while looking forward to mysterious tomorrow.
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a0018711_23153573.jpgI am in my parents house in Kasukabe city now. And I would go to a barber's shop which about one minute from here. But the shop was not open today. And so I'll go there tomorrow morning.

By the way, I am taking a job interview this Friday. I always take it easy. If I couldn't get a job again, I just look for another one again and again. There are lots of job offers around me. When I was living in New Zealand, it was a bit difficult to find it. But here is Japan and I am Japanese.

I met some foreigners at Tokurin temple. They are from US, UK, Nepal, Thailand, India, Korea, and Indonesia. I think that it is difficult to get a job for them in Japan. It is the same as my case of NZ.

On the other hands, I met an interesting man there. He lives in a mountain. He works for just 2 months a year. And the pay tides him over 10 months. He has a nearly self-sufficiency life.

Whenever I meet interesting people like them, I can be taking it easy. At Tokurin temple, I met many interesting people. I'll write about them here little by little.

Well, have you met any interesting people lately?
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a0018711_22284962.jpgI've just come back from the boxing gym now. Actually I hadn't been there for a couple of weeks.

That was why I've put on weight. I need exrcise.

And I've got exhausted now. I need sleep.

Then, good night and see you tomorrow.
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a0018711_23551070.jpgI came back from Nagoya in yesterday night. Tokurin temple was quite special place as I'd expected. I'll write what I did, felt, and thought there little by little on this site.

But first of all, I have to get a job. Now I realised what important for me.

I will act according to my intuition. I'm going somewhere far place. Maybe I cannot alive in a normal way. Then, I am going my own way as I can.
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a0018711_20211494.jpg Although I've kept a diary everyday here since 9th March, it'll be broken tomorrow unfortunately. Because I leave my home for a week to go to Tokurin temple of Nagoya.

Actually, it's time to go soon. I'll catch the night bus at Yokohama station at 23:30 tonight.

Today, I finished working at 2pm and got home 2:30. Then, although I would get ready, actually, I was in dream world before I knew it. Well, I napped. When I woke up, it was 6:30 pm.

Anyway, I have to hurry up. I have to get ready to go before writing this diary. That's why see you in a week, maybe on 9th March. Take everything easy. Good luck. Good night. Good life.
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a0018711_22585623.jpgToday, I went to Shinjuku to see a play which my brother appeared. It was a nice music drama. The scene was Japan of about 80 years ago. My brother played two parts in the play. Both of them were quite serious men and also funny men. He looked as if he was really enjoying playing.

Well, I am going to Tokurin temple of Nagoya tomorrow. Also I enjoy my life. By the way, I couldn't get the job which I took an interview on 28th March. The cause was my selfishness. I told them that I would work only near place from my home and I wouldn't work after 7 pm. Then, they refused my application. And I quit the work at the noodle shop tomorrow. Anyway, I get freedom.

And then, I'm going to Tokurin temple tomorrow night by night bus. Maybe I'll come back to Yokohama in a week. Then, I'm going to do something though I don't know what is that.
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Sleep... which I need, I love, I must have, gives me energy.
Good night.

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Last night I talked to a German guy in German in my dream though I didn't know why. I didn't know who he was and why I could speak German. Well, there are no German on this photo.

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a0018711_23303849.jpgThis evening, I went to Shibuya to take a job interview. It was a different one from yesterday's one. Several days ago, I sent my PV to the company and actually I'd already placed the member then. Today, they told me the system. When they need a worker, they send e-mails or ring up to the members. Then, if I have a time to go there, I work.

It is a bit near volunteer. I mean that I can't get a good pay so much for the work. But it's very interesting work for me. It's named "Junior Travel Helper". When old people go travelling, I help them to carry luggage and talk to them so that they don't feel lonely.

That job is interesting but I can do that once a month or a couple of month, maybe. And I can't get a good pay. That's why I have to get another job and I'll work as Junior Travel Helper on my off day.

That's all. Then, good night.

By the way, I took the photo in Kagoshima in the summer of 2003.
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a0018711_3556100.jpgThis evening, I went to Shinjuku, Tokyo to have a job interview. I wore a formal suit. I hadn't worn it for a long time. It was a formal interview and had at quite big office building. It was the first time for me to have a interview of a kind of office work, I suppose. But I wasn't nervous at all because I like a interview.

By the way, it was rainy in Tokyo.

The interview was nearly an hour. The interviewer was a woman. She asked me lots of interesting questions. I usually don't tell about all of myself. I mean I tell about just necessary things. But the woman seemed feeling like interested in my life. She asked,
"Why do you work the noodle shop?"
"How interesting the work?"
"Why do you change a job this time?"
"Why do you do boxing?"
"How is boxing?"
"Why did you go to New Zealand?"
"What do you...?"
"Why do you...?"
"Why are you...?"

Anyway, there were lots of questions and I ansewed, told, and spoke on my stories. And I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow evening, I'll take another interview in Shibuya, Tokyo. I think that it is not so formal, maybe. I'm going there having on casual wear.

This evening, after the interview, I rang to Ms. Watanabe who lives in Kamikatsu, Tokushima. She and her husband are going to Tokurin temple of Nagoya the day after tomorrow. I told her that I was going there on 2nd or 3rd April. Actually, I told a lie at the job interview today. I told the interviewer that I had to work at the noodle shop until 8th April. It's a lie. I'm staying at the temple until 8th April. What do you think? Am I a bad boy? Maybe I won't be employ. But it's okay. Then I'm looking for another job.

And then, I will enjoy the interview again. That's fine.

By the way, the photo was taken in Ebisu, not in Shinjuku.
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I often forget that there is the great nature in New Zealand still now. If I go there now, I can see that. I sometimes remember the days I lived there. But sometimes I feel like that it was just a dream. I think the cause is...,

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Ah, I have to make a PV. But now my room is in a litter. I have to give my room a clean first of all.

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I'm sleepy also today. I've watched the football game on TV just now. See you tomorrow. Good night.

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a0018711_1432987.jpg Today and the day before yesterday, I got e-mails from companies which I'd sent PV. And I'll have job interviews next week. I'm looking forward to it.

Now I am sleepy. I've talked to my sister on chat for a half and an hour. Actually, it was not so important talking. I'm going to bed now. See you tomorrow.
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a0018711_23342413.jpgYesterday, I got an e-mail from my friend who I'd met in Kamikatsu, Tokushima at the beginning of this month. His name is Ken. He drove me to Tokushima airport from Kamikatsu town. He lives in Tokushima city.

Well, he is going to Kamikatsu this weekend. In Kamikatsu, I stayed an interesting house. The owner is Mr. Watanabe. He and his wife are quite interesting people. Those days, Ken stayed another house but he was really interested in Mr. Watanabe. That's why he is visiting Mr. Watanabe this weekend. Similarly, I am going to Tokurin temple in 10 days because Mr. Watanabe would visit there and there were lot's of interesting people there, I guess and hope.

I am curious. I like seeing interesting people.
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a0018711_1615023.jpgIt is my off day tomorrow. And now, I'm going to Kasukabe city and stay my parents' house tonight. Maybe I'll be a bit busy from this week. Today I need to get some things at my room of kasukabe.

It takes about a half and an hour by train from Yokohama to Kasukabe.
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I'm going to NZ in my dream. Good night.

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a0018711_0314067.jpgThere was a big earthquake in Kyusyu this morning. The earthquake caused extensive damage to Saga where my friend Natsuko lives.

I was very worried about her because I'd sent a thoughtless e-mail to her last night. I hadn't e-mailed to her for a long time until last night. And so, I said,
"Hi, how're you? Are you alive? I am alive. By Kazu"

And, about 10 hours later, the earthquake happened. I heard about the news from a customer at the noodle shop where I work. And so I couldn't know how big was that. Then my imagination made quite bad sight and story.

At a breaktime this morning, I e-mailed her,
"Are you alive? though I asked also last night."

In the evening, I got an e-mail from her. She said,
"I am alive!! though I said also last night. The earthquake was very heavy you know, but I am fine!"

And afterwards, she also said,
"I hear there would be a big earthquake in Tokyo area. Good luck!"

Then I thought it might come tomorrow.
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a0018711_23381560.jpgSometimes, I feel the atomosphere of New Zealand in my dream. I'd like to take a deep breath in fresh air. I go to work by bicycle every morning. Then I go along National Highway 1. There are many big trucks passing. That's why the air is dirty.

I really miss the atomosphere of NZ. I loved the deep blue sky...
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Let's have a rest.

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a0018711_12245396.jpgActually, it's nearly at noon on 18th already. It's my off day so that's no problem but I didn't renew this site last night. That's problem. Then, I cheated at the date though I make it often. Well, last night(17th), I slept before I knew it...

Today(17th), I set up clocks on this page. Have you checked it yet? I put two clocks. Do you know where Christchurch is? It's a beautiful Garden City of New Zealand. And, do you know where Yokohama is? I live in Yokohama now. The population is larger than the population of New Zealand. Too many people live there.
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One day, I was just standing in front of sunrise, ...but then I took a picture of myself actually.

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a0018711_22362727.jpgOn 2nd March, I went to Japan Media Arts Festival at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. There were 2004 Award-winning Works of Media Arts at the festival. But I hadn't known almost of all those works because last year, I spent most of time in New Zealand. That's why there was quite fresh world for me at the hall.

Two years ago, I went to the Festival for the first time. Then, I was a student. That time, I went there to see some games. Especially to see Tetsuya Mizuguchi's works. He was a man who advised me to see the world. In other words, he made me to go to New Zealand.

a0018711_22473735.jpgWell, that time, his works Rez was awarded. I liked that game. That time, I played Rez sitting on the special seat in the hall. Then, I had quite curious feeling. Then, how can I say, there was quite strange place.

But this year, I couldn't feel such atmosphere at the game booth unfortunately. Although there were some interesting games there, I felt that it was the same as a toy counter.

This time, what most fascinated me was a comic book. Just today, I got it at a book shop. The name is "Yunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni" (The town of evening calm, the country of cherry blossom). The scene is Hiroshima after atomic bomb. Although I had ever read some books about Hiroshima and War, this book made me have special feeling which I had never had. The books before I'd read usually said like,
"Many people killed by W.W.II and A-bomb."
"And so, No more war! And don't make nuclear weapon! Love and peace! That's all."

a0018711_0155691.jpgBut this book, "Yunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni", shows real life of people. One day, Hiroshima people were surely thought that they had better die by someone. In this book, there are no these words, "Japan", "US", "War" and "Peace". The writer shows the story of Hiroshima people at the time from that day to present. I think she wants to say that it is coutinuing even now.

I will read this book many times.

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Let's have a rest.

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