a0018711_161848.jpgHello, every one. I'm in Christchurch now. It is 3:30pm now. I'm having the interview at 4pm. I'm looking forward it.

This morning, I catch the bus at 7. It was dark still then and it was rainy. Also, it's raining in Christchurch now. I reached at Momoko's house at 9:30 but nobody awoke then. I knocked Tomoko's room which is next to the garage. Then, she opened the door. She looked still dreaming. Before I knew it, Monica who is their flat owner, has woken and was opening the window. The house was waking then. The time I met Momoko was a quarter past ten.

After that, Monica drove us to the airport and we saw Momoko off. Monica and Momoko were crying.

After coming back to the city centre, I visited the school which I'd been before. I met Sandy and she said,"You can stay our flat tonight" Then, I decided to stay there. Thank you so much, Sandy.

I'm having the interview in 30 minutes. I think it's time to go now. See you later.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-12 12:31 | Travelling
a0018711_21330.jpgHi everybody. How are you doing? I'm as well as ever except a little bit sleepy.

Today, my boss(Madam) and I planted 16 trees in our garden. My boss had other plan in the day time so we worked in the evening. It was almost night. I thought we looked a little bit strange. Finally, the garden has been beautiful. No, it became normal, to be exact. Anyhow, we can't clear see the garden today because of the dark. I'm looking forward to seeing it tomorrow morning.

Well, I have to go to bed now because I'm catching the bus at 7 tomorrow morning. Ah, before that, I have to pack my things up. Just now, my boss gave me a sleeping bag. I've not decited where to stay tomorrow night, yet. I'm looking for somebody has me stay their room. If I can't find them, I'll look for a hotel. If I couldn't stay a hotel, I would stay in the park, perhaps.

Today, I bought a shirt at Warehouse for the interview. It was $22.99. I'd brought a suit from Japan but I think a suit is too formal. My new shirt is actually child size but it really fits me. My boss said to me,"What are you going to wear for the tomorrow interview?" I showed my clothes. Then, "Umm... It's not so good! Is it $22? Too expencive! I have another one" When she came back there, she had many clothes. And I said to her,"Well..., thanks a lot but..., no thank you" After that, she gave me some snacks and some food. Finally, she said to me,"Please get a radish for me at the vegetable shop in Christchurch. There is a cheaper radish there" She is like my mother, isn't she?

Before I knew it, it's 12am now in NZ. I must go to bed now. See you maybe the day after tomorrow.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-11 20:59
a0018711_205646.jpgHello everyone. How's it going? Today, 7 people looked this page. Thank you very much though some of them were probably the same parson. Anyway thanks.

Today, I was like a gardener again. Several days ago, a neighbour told us that She'd like to give some her plants to someone. Then, my boss was intersted in it. In fact, our garden is deserted. My boss's friends quite often tell her so.

Ah, now, I'd like to tell you about me. I've lived in Timaru since this February. I've got an exchange job here. I'm living with a married couple. They are thirties Japanese. About a years ago, they got the house in Timaru but it was quite old one. They renovate the house while live there. I'm actually their assistant. That's why my work is like a carpenter, a house worker, a cleaner, a gardener, and sometimes a chef. It's an exchange job so I've got my room in the house and I can have a meal with them.

Today I dug many holes to plant trees and flowers. Then, the graund was too hard so it was quite hard work. I used not only a scoop but also a hoe. Maybe I looked a coutry farmer. Although it was cold in Timaru today, I felt quite warm, you know.

By the way, I'm going to Christchurch on Wednesday to have a job interview. For that purpose, I booked the bus today. I heard Momoko, who's my friend lives in Christchursh, is leaving New Zealand in the afternoon on Wednesday. I chose the early morning bus to see her finally. It takes about 3 and a half hours so I'm going to sleep in the bus. However, if it's not comfortable, it'll be stuffy hours.

Well, Sindia, thank you for coming here. If you like, please tell our friends about here. Actually, I've told about here only a few people for the present. I wish here will be a good place for our friends and of course others.

See you tomorrow maybe.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-10 20:55
a0018711_231946.jpgHello, everybody who's reading this. How's it going? I'm Kazu who's lived in New Zealand since last October. From now, I'll keep a journal in English here. However, nobody knows how often I will do it.

Actually, I've had my internet site when I lived in Japan but now, I can't renew it. Today, I knew this system. Then, I decided to use it. In fact, It was about 30 minutes ago.

I think almost of all readers are my friends who study English so I hope it'll be good for their studying English. Even not so, I hope my journal will be able to be someone's enjoyment.

Well, what did I do today is like a gardener. I did mowing at my house almost of all day. That's why I'm tired now so I'll go to bed now. Good night. Ah, this clock is Japanese time. The real time in New Zealand is 3 hours earlier. It is 10pm now.
# by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-09 18:54
Here is English speaking area. But there are some words written in Japanese. And so I'd like to describe in English. On the comment rectangle,

the first box is your name. You can use a false name but I'd like to know who you are.

The second box is pass word. You must write it. When you delete your comment, you need it.

The third box is your page's URL if you have and want to show it.

You can comment in the big rectangle. English please.

If you check on the small box, it'll be secret comment. I think usually you don't have to check on the box. If you check the box, nobody can read it without me. If you send a love message to me, you have to use it.

The last button is a transmission button. When you finish to comment, click it.

I'm so happy if you comment here in English.

Kazu 10th May 2004
# by KazuFromNZ | 2001-01-01 00:00