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After that, we went mountain biking. At first, King (a dog) followed us but he stopped it before we knew it. Although I went after Noriko at first, she told me she preferred after me. However, after a few minutes, she went out of sight and I waited for a moment. Whenever she saw me, she said,
“I am alive!!”
The road is usually muddy. It painted my legs artistic and also made Noriko fell down. I don’t know exactly but we went biking for about 2 to 3 hours. I had been used to biking you know, but she hadn’t. That’s why she looked exhausted after finished it. Although we took breaks in the common room, she felt sleepy and went to bed. In fact, we were too active today.

Then, we began to prepare for dinner. I cooked “Oyako-don” and “Teriyaki-chicken” which are Japanese traditional dishes. I learnt “Teriyaki-chicken” from my boss in Timaru and “Oyako-don” was cooked by my memories of my mother’s cooking plus my originality. By the way, I used chicken for the curry, too. Actually, I’d got a big chicken so I had to use it as early as possible. When I was cooking, Noriko woke and came into the kitchen. She looked tired still then so I encouraged her to read a book and just to rest. She read my recommended book, “Tetsugaku” written by Shinsuke Shimada and Hitoshi Matsumoto. I felt she liked it. Well, the dinner was very good. One of the big reasons was that we had done many activities today, I thought.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my first off day and tired more than working days.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-12 18:23
a0018711_18181.jpgToday, I’ve got a off day for the first time after came here. This morning, Noriko and I had the remains of curry and some pieces of toast which she brought. When it was toasted, she said,
“It tastes no good!”
But actually it was not bad. I thought and said to her. Then, she said,
“Maybe the cause of the good toaster, it became good!”

After breakfast, we went kayaking. It was very fine day. There were the dazzling sun, the vast blue sky and the clear blue sea. It was actually the first time for me to try kayaking though I’ve been able to do it free here. She’d been kayaking some times so she looked good at it at least more than me. That was why I was usually after her. I didn’t know why but my kayak often went leftwards and my kayak sometimes hit Noriko’s. There was quite silent. I just heard the sound of water and some birds’ voice. We did it for about an hour. It was very good exercise for us and it made us tired and hungry. Then, we had lunch.

I cooked dry curry using the remains of last dinner. Then, a cat (I don’t know his name) came there and was going to get some food but he looked not to really want to eat. He (I’m not sure if she is) sometimes comes to my room but usually doesn’t do anything. I think he is not curious and also lazy. Actually, he is a little bit fat. After lunch, we played a trampoline in the garden. We were surprised it was very hard exercise. Then, we felt like carsick for a few minutes.

To be continued...
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-12 18:19
a0018711_181434.jpgHello, everybody. How are you doing? How about myself? I’m very fine. I’m so sorry for not writing journals for 3 days. In fact, I made somebody worried. These 3 days, about 30 people visited this site though I hadn’t renewed it at all. Sorry, especially Sindia. Thank you for the e-mail. Although it’s already 12th June today, I’m going to write those days’ memory like as today is that day.

Today (9th), Noriko came to our BHH. She arrived here at around 5 pm. Then, I was cooking for dinner. Coming here is quite long way. She took a bus from Christchurch to Picton and afterwards took a water taxi two times. Anyway, thank you for coming taking for a long.

Then, I cooked curry rice and muffins. The curry was very good and muffins were not bad taste though it looked not good. They were good so I shared them with Mike and Lynley who’re my bosses. Mike said,
“Fantastic! I’m impressed you!”
I was very glad. Noriko also said,
“Well done!!”
I’ve trained cooking when I was living in Timaru. I used to cook for dinner for my boss those days. When I was leaving Timaru, my boss gave me some Japanese seasonings. Thanks to them I’ve been able to cook easily here in Hopewell.

After dinner, we went working. Then, there was too dark to work so we needed an electric torch. However, thanks to the dark, we could see a great many stars in the sky. Although I used to see the Milky Way in Timaru, there are too many stars to find it in Hopewell. The Milky Way of Timaru had just many stars but Hopewell’s is with much of white powder. It’s really “Milky”. The stars are as much as Tekapo’s.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-12 18:15
a0018711_18406.jpgHello, everyone. How are you doing? I'm good but a little bit tired.

This morning, when I was going running, a dog, King followed me again. Then, I decided to have a bout with him. He ran quite fast but I didn't want to lose so I did my best. About 20 minutes later, I decided to retrace our steps. Our speeds were almost same but he was usually running ahead of me. Finally, maybe I won. He got home late. I didn't know exactly but he looked tired or found some interesting things, maybe.

This afternoon, when I was going walking, King followed me again and again. I went into woods. Before I knew it, I was actually climbing a mountain. I don't know why but King looked very happy. He ran up the steep hill. I just followed him. He often went into thickets and disappeared from my view. Then, I listened big shrieks of some kinds of birds or animals. I didn't know what was he doing then. About 2 minutes later, he was back with his normal face. Afterwards, I saw very nice scenery but I'd been actually tired. Anyway, that was good execise for me again.

Today, 2 more people came to our BBH. In a word, 5 visitors are staying tonight. They were watching TV in the common room just now. That's why there is not so quiet today.

Then, see you tomorrow. By the way, thank you for coming this site, Ryota. Actually, you are the first man writes a comment here though 9 girls have written comments.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-08 18:41
a0018711_184119.jpgHello, everyone. What did you do today? This morning, I got up at 7 and went jogging. It was dark stil then. I went into woods. I was listening to music. It was very nice. I went for about an hour though I often stopped and took many pictures. It was very fair weather. There were the huge blue sky above my head. When the sun rised, I saw the two sun. Actually, it was reflected in the sea.

Yesterday, after finished writing a journal, I went into the common room to have dinner. There were many people there. They were visitors. When I was preparing a meal, a woman who I met in the lunch time, said to me,
"Have these dishes if you want"
"Really? Thank you very much!", I said.
I got a big meal, again. I had much venison. It was very good. Then, they were watching the video which they had taken that day. They went driving very strange place. They played a driving game. They drove up nearly cliff, across a river, and so on. Sometimes, a car became not to be able to work. Then, another car helped it. The woman who talked to me had been staying in our place the all day. She said in a low voice,
"Very crazy, aren't they?"
Although I agreed her, I enjoyed the crazy video.

Well, this morning, I had big breakfast. Actually, they left lots of dishes for me. However, I had breakfast for a little bit long and I was late to start my work. Lynley said,
"You are late again!"
However, actually I worked very hard and kept it until 3pm. This morning, 20 people left here, so I'd got much work. Actually, there is left still much work for tomorrow. Tonight, 3 people are staying here. It became calm.

Then, see you tomorrow. Thank you very much for coming and writing it, Naoko and Akiko. Have beautiful days in Christchurch. Good luck the exam, Akiko.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-07 18:42
a0018711_17812.jpgHello, everyone. How's it going? I'm as well as ever. It was a very fine day again today. How was your place?

Today, I finished my work at 12:30 and I began to cook my lunch in the common room. Then, a woman came into there and said,
"You've done very good job!"
"Thank you!", I said.
I worked really hard to clean that room. However, then, I wondered if she had been waiting for me to finish cleaning because she would have lunch. Anyhow, I was glad to hear her words.

In the afternoon, I would go walking alone. When I was leaving our place, a dog began to follow me. He was following me but I began to follow him before I knew it! His name is King. He passed through by me and ran in front of me. I had to follow him though I didn't know exactly. He is very funny. I couldn't understand his action. Anyway, it was good exercise for me.

By the way, Sandy told me she was in Wellinghton and was going to Nelson tomorrow. However, unfortunately, she doesn't have enough time to visit my place. In fact, my house is too faraway from a town. I'm living in deep nature...

Then, see you tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-06 17:09
a0018711_192030.jpgHello, everyone. How were you today? It was a good day to me. In fact, I could be bathed in the dazzling sun shine today.

Although 20 people(they are 1 group) have been staying here now, my work is not so busy because they are staying for 3 nights. In a word, I must be quite busy the day after tomorrow.

After finished working, I went mountain biking. There is quite steep road around our place. I went between trees. Then, I really realised it was stormy yesterday. The road was quite muddy for the rain. That's why the bike and I were covered with mud. However, it was good time. I felt really fresh air in the woods.

In the evening, my boss and visitors had dinner party and they welcomed me. Although I'd already had dinner, I joined them and had a big meal again. Although I was just looking and listening that they had some conversation, I enjoyed that time. It was also good for my English studying. They looked heartfully enjoying. It was quite different from general Japanese style. I talked to them only easy words. I wished I spoke English better. Then, I thought I should study English to join them and talk a lot.

Then, see you tomorrow. Take care about yourself. Actually, I heard my brother caught cold. Anyway, I'm as well as ever.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-05 19:21
a0018711_152717.jpgHello, everyone. How's it going? Today, I cleaned many places. Actually, 20 people have stayed here tonight.

By the way, it was violet stormy this morning but in the afternoon, it became calmer. I asked to my boss, Lynley,
"Is it occasionaly?"
"Yeah, it is not quite often", she said.
Ah, I wanna see the blue sky, white cloud, and the dazzling sea... I wish it'll be sunny tomorrow.

Well, actually, I overslept this morning. Although I had to begin my work at 9:30, I was woken by Lynley at 9:45... Then, she said,
"That's all right. Have breakfast and begin to work at 10"
I guess I have to go to bed early tonight.

Then, see you tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-04 15:28
a0018711_152214.jpgHi, everyone. How are you doing? I'm fine. Today, my new work has been started.

My first work was cleaning 3 bed rooms. I worked hard. Here is actually quiet place. My boss told me that lots of people come here in summer but now, not so busy usually.

In fact, it was just one visitor today. He is German guy. After dinner, when I was reading a book in the common room, he talked to me. He spoke English fluently but I'm not so well, you know. That's why although it was difficult to talk to him, I enjoyed talking. I hope he also enjoyed it. We talked about mainly normal things and sometimes serious things.

Do you know Catan which is a quite famous table game in Germany. I told him I really loved that game. Then, he said,
"If you like Catan, you may like another game, too"
I don't remember the name but he told me he was going to sent an e-mail to me.

Well, although it was cloudy today, I could see the full moon. Although there is too dark our place in the night, I could walk safe around there then.

Then, see you tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-03 20:30 | Travelling
a0018711_131844.jpgHello, everyone. How's it going? I'm not bad. Just now, I drank a little bit strong bourbon so I'm not so well now. Ah the cause is also carsick. My new boss, Lynley picked me up in Picton and drove to here. That's great but on the way to here was quite hilly, winding, and steep. Then, Lynley asked me,
"Do you feel okay?"
"I'm fine, thank you", I answered.
In fact, I was okay at first. However, it was quite long way. It took for about 3 hours. I felt worse little by little... Anyway, I'm okay now.

Just now, I had dinner. I was hungry so I ate very much. Then, Lynely was surprised and said,
"You must work quite hard tomorrow!"
"Yes, I will", I answered.
There were also a German man and a Holland woman. They speak English really well. That's why I was just listening their talking. I spoke sometimes.

Well, this morning, I checked out at 10. Afterwards, I went to the Visitors centre. Actually, I asked them about my jacket which I left in the bus yesterday. The officer rang to the bus company and she said to me,
"The same bus was coming to Picton today. Then, perhaps you can find your jacket"
"Good. Thank you so much", I said.
However, actually I couldn't find my jacket but I didn't care that because I'd done as I could.

After that, I went to the Ferry terminal and read a book until 4pm. Then, I was reading "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" written by Richard Bach while I saw the calm sea, the blue sky, sometimes ships, and sometimes seagulls. I really loved the book. Actually, I read the book in Japanese today. I'd like to tell you about that book but actually I'm a little bit tired and sleepy now.

Now, I have to go to bed. Then, see you tomorrow. By the way, thank you for coming here, Keiko! I was very surprised because I hadn't told you. I just left my site address on Nancy house's Guest book. Anyway thank you so much. I wish you come here sometimes.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-02 20:15 | Travelling