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a0018711_885591.jpgI went travelling by bicycle from October to December. Although I can not tell the deep emotion of those days so far, I will do it someday after studying hard. Anyway, thank you my bicycle.
by KazuFromNZ | 2008-01-05 08:09 | Travelling
a0018711_152214.jpgHi, everyone. How are you doing? I'm fine. Today, my new work has been started.

My first work was cleaning 3 bed rooms. I worked hard. Here is actually quiet place. My boss told me that lots of people come here in summer but now, not so busy usually.

In fact, it was just one visitor today. He is German guy. After dinner, when I was reading a book in the common room, he talked to me. He spoke English fluently but I'm not so well, you know. That's why although it was difficult to talk to him, I enjoyed talking. I hope he also enjoyed it. We talked about mainly normal things and sometimes serious things.

Do you know Catan which is a quite famous table game in Germany. I told him I really loved that game. Then, he said,
"If you like Catan, you may like another game, too"
I don't remember the name but he told me he was going to sent an e-mail to me.

Well, although it was cloudy today, I could see the full moon. Although there is too dark our place in the night, I could walk safe around there then.

Then, see you tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-03 20:30 | Travelling
a0018711_131844.jpgHello, everyone. How's it going? I'm not bad. Just now, I drank a little bit strong bourbon so I'm not so well now. Ah the cause is also carsick. My new boss, Lynley picked me up in Picton and drove to here. That's great but on the way to here was quite hilly, winding, and steep. Then, Lynley asked me,
"Do you feel okay?"
"I'm fine, thank you", I answered.
In fact, I was okay at first. However, it was quite long way. It took for about 3 hours. I felt worse little by little... Anyway, I'm okay now.

Just now, I had dinner. I was hungry so I ate very much. Then, Lynely was surprised and said,
"You must work quite hard tomorrow!"
"Yes, I will", I answered.
There were also a German man and a Holland woman. They speak English really well. That's why I was just listening their talking. I spoke sometimes.

Well, this morning, I checked out at 10. Afterwards, I went to the Visitors centre. Actually, I asked them about my jacket which I left in the bus yesterday. The officer rang to the bus company and she said to me,
"The same bus was coming to Picton today. Then, perhaps you can find your jacket"
"Good. Thank you so much", I said.
However, actually I couldn't find my jacket but I didn't care that because I'd done as I could.

After that, I went to the Ferry terminal and read a book until 4pm. Then, I was reading "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" written by Richard Bach while I saw the calm sea, the blue sky, sometimes ships, and sometimes seagulls. I really loved the book. Actually, I read the book in Japanese today. I'd like to tell you about that book but actually I'm a little bit tired and sleepy now.

Now, I have to go to bed. Then, see you tomorrow. By the way, thank you for coming here, Keiko! I was very surprised because I hadn't told you. I just left my site address on Nancy house's Guest book. Anyway thank you so much. I wish you come here sometimes.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-02 20:15 | Travelling

Afterwards, I rang to Masa. I remembered he was going back to Japan in July. Then, if I didn't meet him, I would lose a chance to meet him in NZ, I thought. I met him in the city centre. Before that, I sent a text mail to Akiko about it. They are good drinker friends. She was in the library so she joined us soon and we went to the pub. The pub was quite quiet. I talked a lot and drank a little. When it got time to go home to Akiko, we went together because the night was deep. I said again, "See you in Saitama", and left.

After that, Masa and I went to his flat because I didn't have to sleep that night. The next morning, the departure time was 7:15am. If I slept then, I might be overslept. At his flat, we talked until 3am. We talked about many things. It was mainly about education and religion or philosophy (quite serious things). We were talking in English all the time so it was a little bit difficult but we had very very nice time. He was acutually an English teacher in Japan. His talking was quite interesting for me. I promised that I would visit his home, Shikoku. When I was leaving, he gave me a book which was named "Norwegian Wood" written by Haruki Murakami. Before that, I told him that I would get that book but I couldn't find. He said, "This book was the last one". And he gave me it though he hadn't opened it yet. Although I could say only "Thank you", I'm really glad and heartfully thankful to him. I left his flat at 3am though he goes to school everyday. I'm sorry. However, I felt he was also enjoying the time. So, that's okay, isn't it?

On the way to go back to YHA, in the city was quiet. I saw just 7 people though I walked for about 40 minutes.

In YHA, I was reading books in the living room but I was really sleepy. When my watch showed it was 5:30, a girl came into there. Then, I said to her,
"Could I talk to you because I'm very sleepy though I have to be awake?"
"Yes, of course", she said.
At first, we were talking in English but I noticed she was Japanese before long. Actually, she is from Osaka though she came to Australia then. She's got a Working Holiday Visa in Australia and then, she came to NZ for travelling for 10 days. We gave and received each information we had. I mean about NZ and Australia. It was a nice time. I could be also awake. Afterwards, she got on the bus to South and I got on another bus to North.

It was still dark though it passed 7am. As soon as the bus began to move, the devil of sleeping came onto my head. Before I knew it, I was in the dreaming world. When the bus stopped at Kaikoura, I woke up and rang to my new boss. Then she told me she could pick me up tomorrow. That's a great! Yes, before that, some problems had happened to me but that's okay.

The bus arrived at Picton at 12:45pm and I found accomodation. After that, I came here, Backpackers. By the way, I left my jacket in the bus but I've got too big luggage so that's okay.

Today, I wrote a little bit long journal so I guess only a few people read it all. Anyway, it's my enjoyment. Then, see you tomorrow. maybe. Have nice days.
by kazufromnz | 2004-06-01 19:46 | Travelling
a0018711_13183.jpgHello, everybody. How are you and where are you doing? I'm very fine and in Picton now. I'm staying the backpackers and using their computer. Tonight, my room has 6 beds but there is actually just me. It's very nice. I've got a big single room.

well, first, I'll tell you about yesterday afternoon. After finished to write the journal, I met Jean, Peter.W, and Eillien. They were my teacher when I went to the school. Especially, Peter taught me for a long time. I talked to him about my life in Timaru and what I'm going to do from now. Actually, Timaru is his hometown. I told him that I've really enjoyed the time in Timaru and I liked it. He told me he was going to Japan in this or next year. Anyway, I told him I'll be back to Chch with certain.

And also I met Akiko and talked to her. She looked a little bit tired but it's just my feeling. She told me she had no plan after finishing her course. Then, she was going back to Japan, probably, she told. That's why we said, "It is the last time to meet together. See you in Saitama"

I met and talked to Ayako, too. I'd sent an e-mail to her but I couldn't. Actually I'd got the wrong her e-mail address. I copied it from the e-mail from Patricia. Yes, she'd also got the wrong one. I'll tell her about it. By the way, today is Patricia's birthday, I suppose. Congraturations! Anyway, about Ayako. She would stay in Chch more over 4 months. Maybe when I come back there, she'll be there still then.

Afterwards, I went to Scoopio which is my favorite book shop in Chch. I'd been looking for the books written by Richard Bach but it was difficult to find. However, I could find it easily in Scoopio. I've got two books, ''ILLUSIONS" and "ONE". Both of them are written by Richard Bach. I'd read "ILLUSIONS" in Japanese. Naoko told me she liked "ONE" when I talked to her on the day before.

After that, I went to Nancy's house again and she was there. She welcomed me and we talked a lot. Then, she cooked for dinner for me. She cooks really well. Well, I asked about her life. Yeah, she is a quite busy woman. She joined many clubs and she is a president there. She does gardening at 3 houses. She also goes to do house work. Her schedule is everyday almost full. Although she is busy everyday, she enjoys cooking, knitting and many hobbies. I can't guess about her real age. By the way, Keiko, who'd been her homestay daughter would visit there today(1st June), she told me. Anyway, I had a very good time with her.

.....to be coutinued.
by kazufromnz | 2004-06-01 18:39 | Travelling
a0018711_132116.jpgHello, everyone. How are you? I'm quite fine because I slept for 11 hours last night. Actually, I slept only 2 hours the day before and the bed in YHA was confortable. For that reasons, I could slept very well.

Last night, I had poor dinner. It was Cup Noddle which made in Japan. That's all. Afterwards, I read a book and went to bed. My room has 3 people without me but we said just "Hi" or "Hello".

This morning, I went to Nancy's house but she wasn't there. Well, she was Sindia's host mother and had me stay when I come to Chch by bicycle from Timaru. This morning, I just wanted to say "Hello" to her. Then, I left a memo on the door.

After that, I went shopping and got something and afterwards, I came here, the school. Just now, Yayoi came here to see me but she looked a little bit angry. Probably, I made her angry but I didn't know exactly. Anyway, she left here soon. I'm sorry.

By the way, last night, I went to the internet cafe and wrote a journal but I couldn't transmit it. I haven't known why. After that, I tried it also in the YHA but I couldn't. I guess some computer can't use to do it. I hope I can do it in Marlborough. If I couldn't do it, my this journal would be finished. Anyway, I'll try as I can.

It's 2:20pm now. It's nearly the break time. Then, I"m going to see Akiko and Ayako. Then, see you later. I wish it would be tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-31 11:18 | Travelling
a0018711_184049.jpgHello, in fact, it's 31th now and I'm in the school which I used to go before in Christchurch. I wrote a journal yesterday at the internet cafe but it doesn't work. Anyway, it was written last night.

Hi, everyone. How's it going? I'm quite fine. This morning, I left Timaru and now, I'm in the internet cafe in Christchurch.

Last night, I packed my things up but it was hard work because I have lots ot stuffs. Then, my boss said,"You can leave some your stuffs here if you can come back here" They are so kind, aren't they? I left some my stuffs. However, who made it hard work was actually my boss. She gave me many food and some seasoning. She said,"Don't have easy food. Cook and eat delicious meals"

She also gave me many books. Many of them were Japanese novels. She said,"You'll must be bored in Marlborough. Then, you'll need these. Reading in nature should be great" We thought our liking of book might be quite close. I took the books she recomended. That's why my trunk became too heavy. When I got on the bus, it surprised the bus driver.

When I arrived at the Cathedral square, I ate rice-balls which also my boss gave me. Afterwards, I called Yayoi and she guided me to YHA. She looked a little bit busy. She caught the bus before long. Anyway, thanks, Yayoi. I was going to go shopping but I happened to meet Naoko in front of Cathedral. We hadn't met and talked for a long time. Then, she was going to the cinema. I was interested in it, so I went there with her.

The film was "The day after tomorrow". Have you watched it yet? It was nice movie. The big reason was easy to understand even though in English. The action told us the story. Naoko speaks English really well, so I sometimes heard she was laughing though I couldn't usually understand why it was funny. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we went to Star Backs. Then, we talked about mainly books. I thought it was the most longest talking for us for then. Actually, we hadn't talked together like then but we talked quite naturally. I had a very nice time. After that, she caught the bus and I came to the internet cafe, and I'm typing this now.

From now, I'm going back to YHA, maybe. Tomorrow, I'm looking for some books and probably meet some friends. Then, see you tomorrow.Hi, everyone. How's it going? I'm quite fine. This morning, I left Timaru and now, I'm in the internet cafe in Christchurch.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-31 10:27 | Travelling
a0018711_146.jpgIt's Monday so Mr.Eiichi went to work in the early morning. I went to the city centre and booked the bus to go back to Timaru. Yes, I chose a bus. If I had enough time, I would keep going the bicycle trip. However, in fact, I don't have much time. I have to go back home soon for helping my boss and I have to prepare for moving to Marlborough.

It was rainy. I waited for the bus in front of the rail station. I got on the bus at 2:30pm. In the bus, I was looking at the outside. Then, I was remembering about my hard funny interesting mysterious wonderful trip. I'm really thankful to my boss.

Actually, my boss(Madam) used to go a bicycle trip. She used to go around Japan, Alaska, and somewhere. She lent me the many stuff. I was really happy but also she was really happy. When I got home, I talked to her about my trip. Then, she said with her smiling,"I'm glad to find somebody who can understand how much it is fun and wonderful the bicycle trip!" Our talking was neverend.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:48 | Travelling
a0018711_1116.jpgIt was cloudy. I got up at 10am. I went to the city centre by bicycle.

I went to University of Otago and went into the library. It was very big. I liked it. There were many students there though it was Sunday. When I was seeing around the University, I saw that a concert would happen. I'm curious so I went into the holl.

It was Community Orchestra. Many kind of people were there. Many children or many quite old people. They were called,"Training Orchestra", "Symphonic Band", "Junior Symphonia". Some of them actually played not so well but all of them looked very happy. They were really enjoying playing. Then, I read a book. Perhaps, somebody thought that I was bored but I used their music for BGM. That was really good BGM for my reading. I had a very nice time.

When it was getting dark, I went up hills by bicycle and saw down the wonderful night view of Dunedin city. It was the last night for my trip.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:45 | Travelling
a0018711_224257.jpgIt was cloudy. I got up at 10am and Mr.Eiichi, too. We had a drive around the city. Although he lives in Dunedin, he doesn't really know about the city because he has worked hard since he came to Dunedin. He tells me at weekends, he usually stays at home all day.

That's why the driving was good for also him. We visited some places but I don't remember the names. Anyway, I enjoyed. Ah, we went to see the sea. It was nice but it was quite cold and windy.

When we were having a drive, we talked many things. His talking is quite interesting. Actually, he has ever worked in Tonga. Yes, he would introduce his boss in Tonga to me. However, unfortunately, a new worker had been already there. But for that reason, I can go to Marlborough Sounds to work. I always enjoy my mysterious fortune.

In the evening, he cooked for dinner, again. It was also delicious. I'm really thankful to him. Afterwards, we watched films on TV. Those were"Stewart Little" and "Vertical Limit". Both of them were nice movies though I could understand just a little. Recently, I hadn't heared English talking even on TV so my Engllish listening skills are getting worse. However, my new bosses are Kiwi couple. I will talk to them everyday for my English study.

By the way, my brother became 20 years old today. Congratulations.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:44 | Travelling