2004年 05月 25日 ( 7 )

a0018711_11042.jpgHello, everybody. How's it going? I'm back in normal life. I'm fine but a little bit tired. It's not for the trip. It is actually for this journal. I wrote a long journal about my trip. It's good for my English writing skills. I feel it is getting really well though my listening is getting worse.

Today, I worked in our garden with my boss. When we are cutting the apple tree, it would lie down and would break the next house. The tree was too heavy so it was really dangerous. I was holding on and my boss ran to get neighbours' help. Before long, she came back there with a Hongkonese boy and a Japanese girl. Afterwards, it went well for them.

Although I'm back in normal life, it is also not bad.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:50
a0018711_146.jpgIt's Monday so Mr.Eiichi went to work in the early morning. I went to the city centre and booked the bus to go back to Timaru. Yes, I chose a bus. If I had enough time, I would keep going the bicycle trip. However, in fact, I don't have much time. I have to go back home soon for helping my boss and I have to prepare for moving to Marlborough.

It was rainy. I waited for the bus in front of the rail station. I got on the bus at 2:30pm. In the bus, I was looking at the outside. Then, I was remembering about my hard funny interesting mysterious wonderful trip. I'm really thankful to my boss.

Actually, my boss(Madam) used to go a bicycle trip. She used to go around Japan, Alaska, and somewhere. She lent me the many stuff. I was really happy but also she was really happy. When I got home, I talked to her about my trip. Then, she said with her smiling,"I'm glad to find somebody who can understand how much it is fun and wonderful the bicycle trip!" Our talking was neverend.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:48 | Travelling
a0018711_1116.jpgIt was cloudy. I got up at 10am. I went to the city centre by bicycle.

I went to University of Otago and went into the library. It was very big. I liked it. There were many students there though it was Sunday. When I was seeing around the University, I saw that a concert would happen. I'm curious so I went into the holl.

It was Community Orchestra. Many kind of people were there. Many children or many quite old people. They were called,"Training Orchestra", "Symphonic Band", "Junior Symphonia". Some of them actually played not so well but all of them looked very happy. They were really enjoying playing. Then, I read a book. Perhaps, somebody thought that I was bored but I used their music for BGM. That was really good BGM for my reading. I had a very nice time.

When it was getting dark, I went up hills by bicycle and saw down the wonderful night view of Dunedin city. It was the last night for my trip.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:45 | Travelling
a0018711_224257.jpgIt was cloudy. I got up at 10am and Mr.Eiichi, too. We had a drive around the city. Although he lives in Dunedin, he doesn't really know about the city because he has worked hard since he came to Dunedin. He tells me at weekends, he usually stays at home all day.

That's why the driving was good for also him. We visited some places but I don't remember the names. Anyway, I enjoyed. Ah, we went to see the sea. It was nice but it was quite cold and windy.

When we were having a drive, we talked many things. His talking is quite interesting. Actually, he has ever worked in Tonga. Yes, he would introduce his boss in Tonga to me. However, unfortunately, a new worker had been already there. But for that reason, I can go to Marlborough Sounds to work. I always enjoy my mysterious fortune.

In the evening, he cooked for dinner, again. It was also delicious. I'm really thankful to him. Afterwards, we watched films on TV. Those were"Stewart Little" and "Vertical Limit". Both of them were nice movies though I could understand just a little. Recently, I hadn't heared English talking even on TV so my Engllish listening skills are getting worse. However, my new bosses are Kiwi couple. I will talk to them everyday for my English study.

By the way, my brother became 20 years old today. Congratulations.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:44 | Travelling
a0018711_05624.jpgI got up after became warmer. It was 10am. I slept for a long time. I cooked boiled egg and made cup of tea using the same water because I didn't have enough water. I left there at noon.

When I arrived at Palmerston, I went to a petrol station and asked, "Could you give me water?" The officer said,"No problem!" Then, I got water and drank much.

After I went through Waikouaiti, there was two way to go south, again. Then, I prefer the seaside road, of course. However, it was too hard way. I couldn't ride the bicycle at the many place because of the too steep slopes. That's why it was like climbing, not cycling. However, I could see very great view and faced very exciting downhills. It was like a roller coaster.

When I arrived at Waititi, there were two roads to go to Dunedin, again and again. However, one of them were not on the map. Then, I asked a woman who was doing some work in her garden. "Which way should I choose to go to Dunedin by bicycle?" She answered,"You should go this way. Don't go on the motorway." I said,"Which way is short?" She said,"The motor way must be short but...some people die. This way is quite hilly and winding but you have to go this way" Then, I chose the way not motorway. Although it was already nearly 4pm, I continued to go.

However, it was too hard way. I kept climbing for a long time. Then, it getting dark so I thought if I took a tent there or not. There was really in a mountain. No cars, no houses, no people. Just trees. Lots of trees. I guessed if I stayed there, some animals would come around my tent. That's very dengerous! Although I'd been already exhausted, I kept going. Then, I met an old man who was working in the mountain. I asked him,"How long does it take to Dunedin from here?" He said,"By bicycle? It'll be a downhill before long so it's not so far" "That's a good news!" In fact, the downhill started soon later. It was fantastic! I could see very wonderful scenely and felt fresh air. That's really great! The downhill was quite long. I really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, I arrived at South Dunedin. Mr.Eiichi lives there. When I arrived his flat, he was surprised because I'd told him that I would arrive there tomorrow. Anyway, he welcomed me and cooked for dinner. It was so dilicious. He cooks very well. That's why I ate too much. And I had a shower. Actually, I hadn't had a shower for 3 days in spite of I had sweated everyday. Anyway, it was a wonderful trip.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:43 | Travelling
a0018711_05023.jpgI got up at 8am today. It was so cold so I didn't wanna go out. Actually, I would got up at 6:30 but I kept sleeping. Anyway, I got ready to go at 9am. Then, many children came there. Some of them were interested in me. Some of them were talking about me but I left there before long. I just said,"Hello". When I was going, a bus got ahead of me. There were the children I met just then in the bus. They waved me hello with their smile from the bus. I returned waving and I was a little bit happy.

At 10am, I arrived in Oamaru. In the town, some road was too steep slopes. I had to buy some food in Oamaru because it is biggest town between Timaru and Dunedin. I looked at the town map and I went to New World(supermarket). However, on the way to go there, it was really really steep. It was like a mountain, I thought. But then, I didn't know that I would face more more steeper roads later. Anyway, I'd got some food.

Afterwards, I continued to go. There are two way to go to south from Oamaru. One of them is seaside road and another is the motorway. My boss said,"If you go by bicycle, you have to choose the seaside road. It is so beautiful" Yes, I prefer the seaside road. It's very nice. Actually, it was sunny again. The blue sky, the blue sea, the cool wind, the dazzling sun-shine... There were hilly and winding roads but for that reasons, it was very exciting. I could feel the fresh wind. At the lunch time, I had cereals with milk while seeing the blue sea. There were a quite few cars. On the way to go back to the motorway, there was too steep so I needed fresh air but I couldn't get it because there was too smelly... For that reasons, I was nearly dying.

When I met the sea again, it began to rain and I was quite tired. Then, I found the good place to stay tonight near the beach. I really think I'm always a lucky boy. By the way, there was Shang Point. It is between Moeraki and Palmerston. I took the tent under the tree and cooked roasted pork and mushrooms. And noodles again but today, with eggs. Ah, I didn't have enough water so I thought I'd cook using sea water. However, the wave was too high to get water. After dinner, I kept to put the dishes to get rain water. However, it stoped raining. Then, I saw very big rainbow on the sea. I was impressed by the rainbow. I had never seen such a big rainbow. A few minutes later, it disappeared from in front of me. Soon later, it began to rain again. I wondered if I had been dreaming.

As soon as I was into the tent, I slept. However, I woke up at 8pm. It's like yesterday. I rang to Mr.Eiichi who lives in Dunedin. I told him that I would arrived in Dunedin maybe the day after tomorrow. He said,"Take care. Don't do overwork" After that, I turned on the light and read a book while hearing the sound of the sea...
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:40 | Travelling
a0018711_04654.jpgHi, everybody. I'm writing this journal on 25th but it's a journal of the 19th. I'll write about my bicycle trip here.

I would leave my house at 8am but when I got up, a clock showed me it was 10:30. But it's no problem. Enough sleeping is very important. Anyway, I rode on the bicycle at noon and started.

It was a very fine day. I kept going under the dazzling sun and blue sky but the wind was a little bit cool. Yesterday(18th), a woman who lives in Waimate, told me she welcomes me if I want. When I went through near Waimate, it was 2:30. Then, I decided to keep going. When the time became around 3pm, I was tired and I thought I should find the place to stay tonight. I was tired but I had to keep going because there were huge farms around me. You know, there were too smelly. I can't sleep such place.

When I went through Glenaby, I found the good place to stay. It's Waitaki River side. The river is big and clean. How lucky I am! It was getting dark so I took a tent quickly and cooked for dinner. I cooked chinese noodles. I could use water from the river. I also ate nuts with suger and muffins. My boss made those for me. Those were very delicious. Also the noodles was good. I really realised that my body became happy to eat food. I felt my body said"Thanks" whenever food got into my body. At 6pm, it was almost night. I saw the sunset. Then, the river was very beautiful. As soon as I got into the tent, I slept.

However, I woke up at 9pm. I watched out side. Then, I could see a lot of stars in the large sky. It was quite cold so I thrust my head out of the tent and my body was in the tent. I was hearing the sound of river. Afterwards, I read a book while hearing the river sounds. I didn't know why but I couldn't sleep till late at night. The night was very long. I was just hearing the sound of the river and the wind...
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:39 | Travelling