Stew in the dark.[14th August]

a0018711_16215835.jpgHello, everybody. How’re you doing? I’m very fine as ever. It was day off today. And so I slept very well. In fact, I got up at 2 pm today.

When I was having breakfast at the lounge, Mike came into there with new customers.
“Good morning, Kazu!”, he said.
“Good morning, Mike.”, I replied with a smile.

In the evening, I cooked stew for dinner. However, when I was preparing it, the electric current was cut off. Before long, Mike brought candles and a torch. Then, I continued cooking using them.

Then, the Spanish lady, Setaeh said,
“Have you had this happening before?”
“Yes, once”, I answered.
“Wasn’t it yesterday?” she said.
She is very funny. By the way, they told me their travelling was a honeymoon. They were married just a month ago.
Well, actually, it was the first time for me to cook stew but it went well. I thought it was difficult to cook tasty stew but it was not so difficult. Then, I used parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Well, do you know the old song “Scaborough Fare”?

When I was cooking, the Spanish couple played card though the electric had been cut off still then. However, it looked very nice, and so I took pictures.

By the way, it became rainy in the evening and afterwards became awful stormy. Then, see you.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-08-18 16:21