Music changes scenery. [12th August]

a0018711_1222085.jpgHello, everybody. How’re you doing? I’m very fine and the weather was fine as well.

Today, my work was easy and it finished at noon. Then, I went running with King. When I go running, I usually listen to Japanese music. But today, I listened songs of “WHAM!”. It was interesting that the scenery seemed different to usual the cause of the music.

Well, this morning, someone knocked my room and I woke up. That was Akiko. She said,
“Oh, you are here. That is fine. It’s nothing.”
Then, I had no idea why she did it. But I realized that she’d been worried about me. In fact, I went to bed 8 pm last night. The last time I met her was in the afternoon. Well, I’d thought Akiko had never been worried about others but I’d been wrong.

By the way, I got up at 9 am this morning. In a word, I slept for 13 hours. That’s why I’m pretty good today. This afternoon, I renewed the journal of for 4 days. I think I made my good friends, who read my journal everyday, tired. I’m sorry.

Then, see you probably tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-08-12 17:39