The great dinner.[8th August]

a0018711_17121955.jpgHello, everyone. How are you doing? I’m very fine except for a bit suffering of full stomach.

This morning, I had curry for breakfast. And lunch too. The curry would tide me over for 3 days. Well, I said this phrase last night to Jo and Jane. Then, Jo said,
“Tide me over! That’s a good word! Where did you learn it, Kazu? Did you learn it at the school?”
“No. I learnt it from a dictionary. I often use this phrase. It’s a useful word to me.”
They smiled. I always think that my usual words are easy to remember for me. It’s difficult to remember that unusual words for my life even though it is the elementary words.

Well, when I was having breakfast, Akiko talked to me.
“You can’t have curry for dinner tonight.”, she said.
“Because Lynley and Mike would have us have dinner together.”
“Oh, really?”

In the evening, Akiko, Jane, and I went into their house. There were fantastic dishes on the table. By the way, Alex and Jo had left Hopewell. Alex went to Nepal. He is a quite strange guy. I wanted to talk to him deeper things. I wished I’d spoken English fluently. Jo left in the afternoon. She and Jane went kayaking for 3 or 4 hours I suppose though they’d done it yesterday as well.

a0018711_17124321.jpgWell, dinner time. As some people knew, I’ve got a quite tough stomach. First, I ate through all of kinds of food on the table. Then, I had a break for minutes. When everybody looked finish eating, Mike said,
“Kazu, have the remains of food. Eat everything.”
Maybe some people thought that it was just kidding but,
“Can I?”, I said and ate almost of all.
Then, Lynley looked scared of my appetite.

Before that, Ally (daughter of Lynley) tried to take a lamb chop from the big dish. Whenever she did it, Lynley reproved her because Ally had had it enough. But before long, Ally succeeded. When Lynley noticed it, she just smiled.

Well, my appetite was better than Ally’s, of course. I thought Lynley must think Ally’s appetite was just normal.

After dinner, I studied English by listening to English talking. Then, Mike gave me strong alcohol. Although I don’t like wine and beer, I like cocktail. It was made by Mike. I liked it. Although I was just listening talking, I felt my hearing skills were better than the time I arrived at Hopewell.

After that, I had a hot spa while watched lots of stars. I had it for an hours and a half. I was thinking many things then. I always think that it was good time to think many things that having a spa. When I lived with my parents, my mother often scolded me for having a bath too long. Actually, I liked thinking something while having a bath.

Today, I was thinking about mainly my future. Well, before I knew it, I wrote much though I haven’t often renewed this journal. It is better that the short diaries and quite often renewing as well, I think. Nevertheless, I am lazy as ever. Then, see you later.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-08-12 17:14