Extremely friendly ladies visited.[7th August]

a0018711_178954.jpgHello, everyone. How’s it going? I’m very fine. It was not so clearly fine but surely sunny and warm today.

Last night, Lynley came back from the trip. This morning,
“How are you?”, I said to her. Then,
“I’m tired for the short trip.”, she said.
Nevertheless, her smile was the same as ever.

Well, I was pretty good today. In fact, I slept for 11 hours last night though I had been awake till late recently.

After work, I went running after 3 days interval. I went further than usual. On the way, there were sheep, or chick on the road. Then, King would often hunt them. I shouted him to stop that many times.

By the way, two Kiwi ladies have stayed here since last night. They are quite friendly and funny. This morning, Alex (British guy) had left some dishes at the sink. When I putting those away, the lady, Jo shouted,
“Alex!! You are...bla bla bla bla…! ”
She was like a mother of Alex. It really amused me.

In the evening, I cooked curry for dinner. Then, Jo said,
“Oh, it’s your turn today?”
“What do you mean?”, I said.
“You are cooking for Akiko, aren’t you?”
“No. It’s just for me.”
“Why don’t you cook for her? A good man cooks for girls. Why not?”
“Why not?”
“Why not indeed why not?”
Whoever guys in front of her would be her sons, I thought.

When I finished cooking curry, I was not so hungry, because I’d tasted many times when I was cooking. And so I would have cereal with milk. Then, Jo said,
“What are you doing, Kazu?”
Suddenly, Jane (another lady) took the cereal box from my hand, and said,
“It is breakfast!! Where is the curry?”
“It’s over there.”, I said.
I had to describe my thinking to them by my poor English. Now, I wonder what I was doing. But I was enjoying the time with certainly.

a0018711_1783067.jpgActually, they used to teach English to Japanese students. And so, they knew Japanese culture well.
“Don’t have cereal for dinner. Have Miso soup now.”, Jane said.
They also asked to me about some Japanese culture. For example,
“Which baseball team do you support?”
“Do you like sumo? Do you like Takanohana?”
“What Japanese food do you like best?”
Like that. Anyway, there were lots of questions.

“I like sushi.” When I answered like that, they said,
“Why don’t you cook sushi for us tonight? There is the sea. And here is rice.”

When Jane was going out to watch glowworms with Alex and Akiko, she also asked me,
“Have you seen the glowworm here?”
“Yeah, lots of times.”, I said.
“Why don’t you show it to Akiko? Bad boy!”, she said and hit my head.
I had never met such quite friendly customers.

I had a very good day today. It’s already 1 am now. It’s time to go to bed. I think I would renew this journal tomorrow morning. Then, see you tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-08-08 05:44