Dolphins came again.[6th August]

a0018711_5404086.jpgHello, everyone. How are you doing? I’m good though it was rainy almost all day today.

This morning, when I was cleaning in the common room, Mike came there and said,
“Dolphins are coming soon. Now, go kayaking!”
Then, Akiko, Alex, and I went out to get ready to go kayaking. Alex was very quick. He was already on the sea before I knew it. On the other hand, Akiko took much time because she had actually never tried kayaking yet. When I reached in the middle of the sea, I saw dolphins were jumping at the far place. They were completely gone before Akiko came. She made something complaint to me. But anyhow, it was over.

When we were back, Mike made muffins for us. It was very good. He said,
“I am claver.”, with a smile.
It was certainly true, I thought. He cooks very well.
After work, I cooked the original spaghetti version 11. It was like Chinese noodles. I thought it was quite original but the taste was not so great. Then, I made too much but I had to have all because it was like Chinese noodles, you know. I couldn’t leave it for dinner.

After lunch, I went walking with King though it was raining. I had big lunch and so I just wanted to do exercise. I went walking for about 2 hours. The rain was light, so it was not bad.

Afterwards, I had a shower and had a hot spa. Then, the rain had already stopped. Although it was cloudy, I could see some stars in the sky. Then, I wondered that I hadn’t had a spa for a long. Ah, I missed sunny days.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-08-08 05:43