In the night sky.[30th July]

a0018711_527010.jpgHello, everybody. How’s it going? I’m pretty good! I think I’m a very lucky and happy boy. How many people are fine everyday like me on the earth? How about you?

It was changeable weather today. It was cloudy, rainy, cloudy again, and afterwards sunny. Although it was truly changeable, I felt it was also calm. It was almost no wind and the rain was light. For my part, it was not bad weather.

This morning, when Akiko and I were working, Mike (our boss) had us have a break. He gave us cups of coffee and biscuits. He told us that many customers visited here last year even this season, but now here was quite silent. I’d thought that a few customers had visited here this season every year. But he doesn’t know why silent this year, and also I don’t know why, of course.

By the way, as I’d written yesterday, it was the day of curry again. I had curry for breakfast and lunch. Although I would have it for also dinner, I was not hungry in the evening. In fact, I had lunch at 3:30. After that, I read a Japanese book. It’s quite difficult book to me. I’ll sometimes tell you about the book if I could explain. Ah, I’ve finished reading “Seishun wo yama ni kakete” (Staking the bloom of youth on mountains) written by Naomi Uemura a couple of days ago. I was very impressed by that book. I’ll look for something to stake my bloom of youth. By the way, I wrote about him on 11th July.

a0018711_5273881.jpgWell, what I did in the evening is to have a hot spa while watching the bright full moon. Then, I also listening music. It was very nice. In fact, I was there for an hour. Well, I saw a long shooting star. The length was twice and a half of the Southern Cross. The moon was reflected in the sea. There is a thermometer. It told 4 degrees centigrade. If I wasn’t bathed in the hot water, I couldn’t keep looking at the night sky such long. I had a extremely wondrous time at the spa.

Ah, I had dinner at 11 pm. I just had two pieces of toast. And now (1:30 am), I feel a little bit hungry. It’s time to go into a dream. I’ve often had an interesting dream. I wonder what happen in a dream today. By the way, Akiko told me she’d often had a nightmare recently. How about you?

Then, see you tomorrow. By the way, I’m having the curry for breakfast tomorrow as well.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-07-31 05:32