A tip.[21st July]

Hello, everybody. How’s it going? I’m fine, thanks. Well, I’m sorry for delaying renewing the journals on internet. I am alive still now.

This morning, when I opened a fridge, there was milk written “Kazu” on it.
“What is this?”, I thought.“Are there any Kazu except for me?”
Then, Lynley came there and said,
“The English customers left it for you.”
“Oh, really?”
“And also this”
She said and handed me some money.
“What is this?”, I asked.
“It’s a tip from them.”
“Why?”,I said.
“I don’t know.”
Who had ever got a tip at BBH? I was just happy. I guess they were glad that I gave muffins to them, and Sumie also gave banana cookies. They were very friendly so I also enjoyed talking to them. Anyway, thank you very much Brad and Naomi (the English couple).

Tonight, 7 customers are staying at our BBH. I guess I’ll be busy, and so I have to go to bed early. Then, see you tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-07-21 19:15