It was a long day.[19th July]

a0018711_1984088.jpgHi, everyone. How are you? Well, I overslept and waken by Sumie knocked the door. I was going working soon but then Lynley said,
“Take the washing up clothes to the cottage room. That is all your work today. Have a good day with your friends. Well, this is for you.”
Then, she gave me a big fish. She told me she went fishing and got lots of fishes. Then, I heard the name of the fish but I forger it.

Afterwards, I had breakfast and talked to my friends what we are going to do. Then, we decided to go kayaking. While Sumie, Sanae (sister of Sumie), and I was having breakfast slowly, Kaname and Mitsuhiro (Japanese guys both) went walking with King.
At around noon, we got ready to go kayaking. It was not complete sunny but not so bad weather. We were sometimes bathed in sunshine and could see the blue sky. However, nobody didn’t care what weather was like, I guessed. In fact, everybody was so deeply absorbed in kayaking. Especially, Kaname loved it. Before we knew, he went toward middle of the sea though we were near the coast. When he came back, he said,
“I was scared of the wave to be high at the middle of the sea though it was a little bit exciting.”
Everybody thought that he was heartily enjoying.
An hour later, I began to go back home while they were enjoying kayaking still then. On the way to go home, the wave was getting higher. I thought they would have hard times of it. When I got home, I began to make rare cheese cakes. In a short time, they reached home. Then, they looked tired as expected. I suppose they went kayaking for nearly 3 hours. Tired as they were, Mitsuhiro had had remaining energy. Then, he went mountain biking alone. He is a tough guy.

After Mitsuhiro came back, we went walking up to the mountain. Then, Sanae was sleeping. She was absolutely exhausted. Others said,
“When we went back home, although all of us did went with all our might, Sanae did for her life!”
Also an English lady said to me,
“When I went walking, I saw that they’d come toward BBH desperately.”

Anyway, all of them got home. And we went walking except for Sanae. Although I was lightly dressed, others wore warm clothes. Then, they said to me,
“Don’t you feel cold?”
However, they realized they’d been wrong 10 minutes later. Actually, the path were quite steep. Then, they said,
“…hot. Very hot!”
Although we took King, he usually went quite forward from us. When we reached on the top, it was already dark but we kept going forward. I wanted to show them deeper nature. The path was getting hilly and quite muddy but I thought they were enjoying it. When we reached a little river, there were quite high trees around us. Then, we had a short break and go back home.

It was almost night when we got home. We talked what we were going to cook for dinner while having the cheese cakes and banana cookies which Sumie had made. We’d got the big fish from Lynely. I dressed the fish. Actually, it was the first time to me. I made Sashimi for a half, and I broiled the remaining half. Although it was quite hard work for me, Sanae helped me to cut the fish.

Well, we cooked red curry, green curry, vegetable salad, and so on. a0018711_9483377.jpgThere were full of dishes on the table. We were very impressed by the gorgeous dishes when we had seats.
Someone said,
“I’ll never have such gorgeous dinner in New Zealand.”
Maybe I’ll be neither. Everything was great. We enjoyed quite long dinner time leisurely.

Then, Kaname said,
“I feel the car accident was like once upon a time though it was surely yesterday evening. I can’t believe it. Just now, I thought how the kind Kiwi men, who helped us, were doing now. It’s funny, isn’t it? It was just yesterday, yet.”
“Yeah, sure is. It means we’ve lived full days lately.”, Mitsuhiro said.
“Well, you said the same things also yesterday.”, Kaname said.
Then, we all laughed.

a0018711_9364829.jpgBy the way, Sanae was anxious to washing up when others were relaxing. Then, Sumie always said,
“Stop it! And just relax.”
Sumie was anxious about Sanae. By the way, Sumie is younger sister. They were funny sisters to me. Although I’ve got sister and brother, we are quite different to them.

As the night was deeper, we went to bed one by one. Before I knew it, I talked to Sanae in the living room which everybody had gone except for us. We talked about lots of things for example, favourite books, travelling, how today were, how we had felt New Zealand, how different Japanese culture and other countries’, what is important things in our lives, what are we going to do each, and so on. When we watched a watch, it told 3 am. I hadn’t talked such long hours for a long. Anyway, I really enjoyed talking to her.

When I went to bed, it was almost 4 pm. I am worried if I would oversleep tomorrow morning though I have lots of work tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-07-21 19:11