A sense of values.[14th July]

a0018711_183651.jpgHello, everyone. How’s it going? I am not bad. What’s the weather like in your city? Well, it is awful weather in Hopewell now. Mike (my boss) said,
“It’ll be awful for 3 days.”

It was my off day today. In the morning, it wasn’t bad weather, and so I decided to climb a mountain. At first, I saw even the blue sky. I just went forward while I sometimes stopped to see interesting plants. Although there were path in the mountain, it was getting quite steep as I went into deep place. I slipped sometimes.

When I was over the woods, I could see a coast of lowland below. I was going down there. However, I couldn’t find the way to reach there. Actually, I wasn’t on the road, indeed, there was in the thicket. What was worse, the rain began to fall. I had no choice. I began to retrace my steps. The cause of the rain, the woods scene was changed from the time I’d gone through there first, but there were silent place as ever. I heard many kinds of bird’s voice. I listened to the sound of a little river, a breeze, and the rain fall. Then, I really felt,
“I am in the nature now!”

It’s a little bit difficult to say but I felt very happy then. I guess you may not understand my feeling of the time. Well, I’ve been thinking what important things and also trifle things. I know it quite differs from person to person. It is called “a sense of values”. A lot of things I felt important in Japan are actually trifle things to me now. How can I say, I feel my body became light now.

This afternoon, I continued reading the book “Seishun wo yama ni kakete” (Staking the bloom of youth on mountains) written by Naomi Uemura. I’ve read it the three fourths so far. He said,
“I climb mountains for no one. I do it for myself.”
At last, he passed away in mountain. Although I’m not going to climb Mt Everest, I’m having my life with the mind as like his.

Then, see you later. 34 people visited this site yesterday. By the way, only a French man is staying at our BBH tonight. Well, I wish sunshine would be back before long.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-07-14 18:38