Do you know Naomi Uemura? [11th July]

a0018711_164848.jpgHello, everyone. What’s something new? I’m as well as ever and it was sunny again.

Last night, I cooked an omelet for dinner. It was good. I’ve enjoyed cooking as ever. To be exact, it might be the most enjoyment in my days, I suppose. Today, Lynley gave me fish. I’m going to have it for dinner tonight.

By the way, it was nothing special to me today. Well, this afternoon, I read a book for a bit long. It was a Japanese book. The title is ”Seishun wo yama ni kakete” (Staking the bloom of youth on mountains) written by Naomi Uemura. He is famous for the first parson who reached top of the five mountains which were the highest mountains in the each five continents. And he is also the first Japanese who reached top of Mt Everest. By the way, he passed away in Mt McKinley of US 20 years ago.

Although I haven’t finished reading it yet, his life was very interesting to me. As soon as he graduated from university, he went to US though he didn’t have money to go back. And besides he couldn’t speak English. Well, I’d like to go somewhere I can’t speak their language at all. I’m really interested in what I feel and think then and there. I’m just curious.

Lately I’ve been thinking when I go back to Japan. I have many things to do after finishing my NZ life. It might be better that started early time. Anyhow, I can stay in New Zealand until October at longest.

Then, see you tomorrow. 9 people visited this site yesterday. Thank you very much.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-07-11 16:50