Tomoko and Sumie left to Chch.[23rd June]

a0018711_95452.jpgHello, everyone. How are you? I’m very fine. This morning, I got up at 7:30 and went running with King. It was a very fine day. I ran while bathed in sunshine. After I got home, I had breakfast alone because Tomoko and Sumie was in their dreams still then. It was just opposite to yesterday morning. This morning, I must get up early because I would work today.

When I was working, they left Hopewell. Tomoko said,
“I think it is the last time to meet you in New Zealand. See you in Japan. Thanks a lot”
Although she is staying in NZ until August, I’m going to stay in Hopewell until about the beginning of September. But we thought it was easy to meet in Japan because her hometown is in Tochigi prefecture and mine is in Saitama prefecture. In fact, Tochigi is next to Saitama. Then, I said,
“I’m going to Tochigi by bicycle”
By the way, Sumie’s hometown is in Fukushima prefecture. It is next to Tochigi, and so I wonder that I’m going to Fukushima by bicycle after I visit Tomoko’s house.

They went back to Christchurch. I’m going to Christchurch in September, maybe. Then, I can meet Sumie, maybe. Although it was the second time for me to meet Sumie this time, Tomoko is actually the first Japanese who I talked after came to NZ. We started to go to English language school the same day. We used to be worried about each lives in NZ when we hadn’t been used to living in NZ yet. Those days, we can never expect that she would go to Nelson to live by herself, and also I would go to Hopewell to work at BBH. In fact, the first lunch time, we went to Burger King but just ordering was quite difficult for us. Anyway, we have been brought up by New Zealand. I can think so for now. Thanks, NZ. Thank you very much for coming to Hopewell, Tomoko and Sumie. See you someday.

Well, in the afternoon, I went walking up to mountain. Then, I would take King but he didn’t follow me. He looked to want to go along the bay. I thought he has become to hate going to mountain because of yesterday biking. Anyhow, I climbed the mountain to be tired. Actually, I became to be tired afterwards but I found very nice view and it was good exercise. By the way, it was cold today. After finished the long rainy days, it became cold here. I saw ice in the mountain though it was already 2 pm. I don’t like cold. When it’s cold, I get warm by exercise usually.

A lot of people have visited this site. Thank you very much. On 20th, 15 people came here. On 21st, 10 people came. On 22nd, 22 people came. However, I guess the people who read my journal are about 10, maybe. Anyhow, thank you, thanks a lot especially to Sindia.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-23 18:51