Welcome back sunshine! But..,[19th June]

a0018711_184510.jpgHello, everybody. How’s it going? I was pretty good this morning but in the afternoon, became normal feeling. It’s because of the weather.

This morning, I woke up later than usual. It was 9 o’clock. When I opened the door, I was bathed in dazzling sunshine! I hadn’t seen him for nearly a week, maybe. Welcome back, beautiful Mr. Sunshine! I felt very fine and started working keeping the feeling.

My work was easy today because nobody left here yesterday and so I finished my work by noon. Afterwards, I was going to biking but I didn’t. Actually, it had been raining before I knew it. Why is it rainy everyday? I cooked lunch. Then, Richard, who renovates rooms, talked to me,
“What are we going to do? Would you like to go fishing?”
“Yes, I want to go! But it’s raining.”
“If the weather will be fine,”
However, it wasn’t clear.

I read a book in the common room. It was “Norwegian Wood” written by Haruki Murakami. Although I’d read it in Japanese, I’ve tried reading in English now. I’ve got this book from Masa when I visited his flat about 3 weeks ago. I wrote about it on 1st June on this journal. I really like this novel. Although I’ve read it just a little yet, I’ve really enjoyed it more than Japanese one. There were many words I hadn’t known so I had to read it slowly. Then, I could find many funny parts which I hadn’t noticed when I’d read it in Japanese. Anyway, I’ll keep reading it little by little.

Have you enjoyed this week? It was not bad for me. Then, see you tomorrow. By the way, 19 people visited this site yesterday. Thank you very much.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-19 18:46