I joined a man’s community on internet.[17th June]

a0018711_184427.jpgHello, everybody. How are you doing? I’m not bad.

Today, my work was a little bit busy but it was finished at 1:30 pm. Then, my boss had me have lunch together. After that, I used internet.

A man, who used to introduce some famous companies’ bosses for me when I was a politic student, invited me to his community of internet world yesterday. He works in the game industry. Actually, I was going to work in the game industry when I was a politic student. Anyway, I joined his community today, and so I used internet for a little bit long.

By the way, the name of man is Hisakazu Hirabayashi. He is a game analyst. I got to know him when I was 19. Then, he visited my politic college to give us a lecture. I became to get on well with him little by little. Then, I was recognized as a promising game planner. One day, he introduced one company’s boss to me. It was October 2002. I had an interview. Then, I talked to him for a long about game. Afterwards, he said to me,

“You are young. You have to see many kinds of world. If you come into this industry now, you might be a boring planner because you’ll be too busy to think interesting things. Go travelling. It is very nice. I used to borrow money for travelling when I was a university student. See you again after long travelling, maybe in a couple of years”
His name is Tetsuya Mizuguchi. He is a game producer. Thanks to him, I am in New Zealand now and have got a lot of good friends.

Actually, I’ve translated his diary since this March. If you are interested in it, please jump there.


By the way, my name is 002 there.

It is actually a very hard work for me but very good for my English study. That’s why I’ll keep going it as I can. I wish my speaking English skills were as well as my writing skills. I think some people, who read my journals, think that I can speak English well. Unfortunately, it’s false. Anyhow, I’ll do my best here in New Zealand.

By the way, it was cloudy with some rain, again. Well, how is your life? Yesterday, 18 people visited this site. Thank you very much. I wish you would tell me about your life. Then, see you tomorrow.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-17 18:18