Noriko came to our BHH.[9th June]

a0018711_181434.jpgHello, everybody. How are you doing? How about myself? I’m very fine. I’m so sorry for not writing journals for 3 days. In fact, I made somebody worried. These 3 days, about 30 people visited this site though I hadn’t renewed it at all. Sorry, especially Sindia. Thank you for the e-mail. Although it’s already 12th June today, I’m going to write those days’ memory like as today is that day.

Today (9th), Noriko came to our BHH. She arrived here at around 5 pm. Then, I was cooking for dinner. Coming here is quite long way. She took a bus from Christchurch to Picton and afterwards took a water taxi two times. Anyway, thank you for coming taking for a long.

Then, I cooked curry rice and muffins. The curry was very good and muffins were not bad taste though it looked not good. They were good so I shared them with Mike and Lynley who’re my bosses. Mike said,
“Fantastic! I’m impressed you!”
I was very glad. Noriko also said,
“Well done!!”
I’ve trained cooking when I was living in Timaru. I used to cook for dinner for my boss those days. When I was leaving Timaru, my boss gave me some Japanese seasonings. Thanks to them I’ve been able to cook easily here in Hopewell.

After dinner, we went working. Then, there was too dark to work so we needed an electric torch. However, thanks to the dark, we could see a great many stars in the sky. Although I used to see the Milky Way in Timaru, there are too many stars to find it in Hopewell. The Milky Way of Timaru had just many stars but Hopewell’s is with much of white powder. It’s really “Milky”. The stars are as much as Tekapo’s.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-12 18:15