I climbed a mountain with a dog.[8th June]

a0018711_18406.jpgHello, everyone. How are you doing? I'm good but a little bit tired.

This morning, when I was going running, a dog, King followed me again. Then, I decided to have a bout with him. He ran quite fast but I didn't want to lose so I did my best. About 20 minutes later, I decided to retrace our steps. Our speeds were almost same but he was usually running ahead of me. Finally, maybe I won. He got home late. I didn't know exactly but he looked tired or found some interesting things, maybe.

This afternoon, when I was going walking, King followed me again and again. I went into woods. Before I knew it, I was actually climbing a mountain. I don't know why but King looked very happy. He ran up the steep hill. I just followed him. He often went into thickets and disappeared from my view. Then, I listened big shrieks of some kinds of birds or animals. I didn't know what was he doing then. About 2 minutes later, he was back with his normal face. Afterwards, I saw very nice scenery but I'd been actually tired. Anyway, that was good execise for me again.

Today, 2 more people came to our BBH. In a word, 5 visitors are staying tonight. They were watching TV in the common room just now. That's why there is not so quiet today.

Then, see you tomorrow. By the way, thank you for coming this site, Ryota. Actually, you are the first man writes a comment here though 9 girls have written comments.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-08 18:41