I saw sunrise this morning.[7th June]

a0018711_184119.jpgHello, everyone. What did you do today? This morning, I got up at 7 and went jogging. It was dark stil then. I went into woods. I was listening to music. It was very nice. I went for about an hour though I often stopped and took many pictures. It was very fair weather. There were the huge blue sky above my head. When the sun rised, I saw the two sun. Actually, it was reflected in the sea.

Yesterday, after finished writing a journal, I went into the common room to have dinner. There were many people there. They were visitors. When I was preparing a meal, a woman who I met in the lunch time, said to me,
"Have these dishes if you want"
"Really? Thank you very much!", I said.
I got a big meal, again. I had much venison. It was very good. Then, they were watching the video which they had taken that day. They went driving very strange place. They played a driving game. They drove up nearly cliff, across a river, and so on. Sometimes, a car became not to be able to work. Then, another car helped it. The woman who talked to me had been staying in our place the all day. She said in a low voice,
"Very crazy, aren't they?"
Although I agreed her, I enjoyed the crazy video.

Well, this morning, I had big breakfast. Actually, they left lots of dishes for me. However, I had breakfast for a little bit long and I was late to start my work. Lynley said,
"You are late again!"
However, actually I worked very hard and kept it until 3pm. This morning, 20 people left here, so I'd got much work. Actually, there is left still much work for tomorrow. Tonight, 3 people are staying here. It became calm.

Then, see you tomorrow. Thank you very much for coming and writing it, Naoko and Akiko. Have beautiful days in Christchurch. Good luck the exam, Akiko.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-06-07 18:42