I visited Masa's flat and in Picton now.[1st June(2)]


Afterwards, I rang to Masa. I remembered he was going back to Japan in July. Then, if I didn't meet him, I would lose a chance to meet him in NZ, I thought. I met him in the city centre. Before that, I sent a text mail to Akiko about it. They are good drinker friends. She was in the library so she joined us soon and we went to the pub. The pub was quite quiet. I talked a lot and drank a little. When it got time to go home to Akiko, we went together because the night was deep. I said again, "See you in Saitama", and left.

After that, Masa and I went to his flat because I didn't have to sleep that night. The next morning, the departure time was 7:15am. If I slept then, I might be overslept. At his flat, we talked until 3am. We talked about many things. It was mainly about education and religion or philosophy (quite serious things). We were talking in English all the time so it was a little bit difficult but we had very very nice time. He was acutually an English teacher in Japan. His talking was quite interesting for me. I promised that I would visit his home, Shikoku. When I was leaving, he gave me a book which was named "Norwegian Wood" written by Haruki Murakami. Before that, I told him that I would get that book but I couldn't find. He said, "This book was the last one". And he gave me it though he hadn't opened it yet. Although I could say only "Thank you", I'm really glad and heartfully thankful to him. I left his flat at 3am though he goes to school everyday. I'm sorry. However, I felt he was also enjoying the time. So, that's okay, isn't it?

On the way to go back to YHA, in the city was quiet. I saw just 7 people though I walked for about 40 minutes.

In YHA, I was reading books in the living room but I was really sleepy. When my watch showed it was 5:30, a girl came into there. Then, I said to her,
"Could I talk to you because I'm very sleepy though I have to be awake?"
"Yes, of course", she said.
At first, we were talking in English but I noticed she was Japanese before long. Actually, she is from Osaka though she came to Australia then. She's got a Working Holiday Visa in Australia and then, she came to NZ for travelling for 10 days. We gave and received each information we had. I mean about NZ and Australia. It was a nice time. I could be also awake. Afterwards, she got on the bus to South and I got on another bus to North.

It was still dark though it passed 7am. As soon as the bus began to move, the devil of sleeping came onto my head. Before I knew it, I was in the dreaming world. When the bus stopped at Kaikoura, I woke up and rang to my new boss. Then she told me she could pick me up tomorrow. That's a great! Yes, before that, some problems had happened to me but that's okay.

The bus arrived at Picton at 12:45pm and I found accomodation. After that, I came here, Backpackers. By the way, I left my jacket in the bus but I've got too big luggage so that's okay.

Today, I wrote a little bit long journal so I guess only a few people read it all. Anyway, it's my enjoyment. Then, see you tomorrow. maybe. Have nice days.
by kazufromnz | 2004-06-01 19:46 | Travelling