I went to a cinema with Naoko.[30th May]

a0018711_184049.jpgHello, in fact, it's 31th now and I'm in the school which I used to go before in Christchurch. I wrote a journal yesterday at the internet cafe but it doesn't work. Anyway, it was written last night.

Hi, everyone. How's it going? I'm quite fine. This morning, I left Timaru and now, I'm in the internet cafe in Christchurch.

Last night, I packed my things up but it was hard work because I have lots ot stuffs. Then, my boss said,"You can leave some your stuffs here if you can come back here" They are so kind, aren't they? I left some my stuffs. However, who made it hard work was actually my boss. She gave me many food and some seasoning. She said,"Don't have easy food. Cook and eat delicious meals"

She also gave me many books. Many of them were Japanese novels. She said,"You'll must be bored in Marlborough. Then, you'll need these. Reading in nature should be great" We thought our liking of book might be quite close. I took the books she recomended. That's why my trunk became too heavy. When I got on the bus, it surprised the bus driver.

When I arrived at the Cathedral square, I ate rice-balls which also my boss gave me. Afterwards, I called Yayoi and she guided me to YHA. She looked a little bit busy. She caught the bus before long. Anyway, thanks, Yayoi. I was going to go shopping but I happened to meet Naoko in front of Cathedral. We hadn't met and talked for a long time. Then, she was going to the cinema. I was interested in it, so I went there with her.

The film was "The day after tomorrow". Have you watched it yet? It was nice movie. The big reason was easy to understand even though in English. The action told us the story. Naoko speaks English really well, so I sometimes heard she was laughing though I couldn't usually understand why it was funny. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we went to Star Backs. Then, we talked about mainly books. I thought it was the most longest talking for us for then. Actually, we hadn't talked together like then but we talked quite naturally. I had a very nice time. After that, she caught the bus and I came to the internet cafe, and I'm typing this now.

From now, I'm going back to YHA, maybe. Tomorrow, I'm looking for some books and probably meet some friends. Then, see you tomorrow.Hi, everyone. How's it going? I'm quite fine. This morning, I left Timaru and now, I'm in the internet cafe in Christchurch.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-31 10:27 | Travelling