I am back a gardener.[25th May]

a0018711_11042.jpgHello, everybody. How's it going? I'm back in normal life. I'm fine but a little bit tired. It's not for the trip. It is actually for this journal. I wrote a long journal about my trip. It's good for my English writing skills. I feel it is getting really well though my listening is getting worse.

Today, I worked in our garden with my boss. When we are cutting the apple tree, it would lie down and would break the next house. The tree was too heavy so it was really dangerous. I was holding on and my boss ran to get neighbours' help. Before long, she came back there with a Hongkonese boy and a Japanese girl. Afterwards, it went well for them.

Although I'm back in normal life, it is also not bad.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:50