Shang Point-Dunedin [21st May]

a0018711_05624.jpgI got up after became warmer. It was 10am. I slept for a long time. I cooked boiled egg and made cup of tea using the same water because I didn't have enough water. I left there at noon.

When I arrived at Palmerston, I went to a petrol station and asked, "Could you give me water?" The officer said,"No problem!" Then, I got water and drank much.

After I went through Waikouaiti, there was two way to go south, again. Then, I prefer the seaside road, of course. However, it was too hard way. I couldn't ride the bicycle at the many place because of the too steep slopes. That's why it was like climbing, not cycling. However, I could see very great view and faced very exciting downhills. It was like a roller coaster.

When I arrived at Waititi, there were two roads to go to Dunedin, again and again. However, one of them were not on the map. Then, I asked a woman who was doing some work in her garden. "Which way should I choose to go to Dunedin by bicycle?" She answered,"You should go this way. Don't go on the motorway." I said,"Which way is short?" She said,"The motor way must be short but...some people die. This way is quite hilly and winding but you have to go this way" Then, I chose the way not motorway. Although it was already nearly 4pm, I continued to go.

However, it was too hard way. I kept climbing for a long time. Then, it getting dark so I thought if I took a tent there or not. There was really in a mountain. No cars, no houses, no people. Just trees. Lots of trees. I guessed if I stayed there, some animals would come around my tent. That's very dengerous! Although I'd been already exhausted, I kept going. Then, I met an old man who was working in the mountain. I asked him,"How long does it take to Dunedin from here?" He said,"By bicycle? It'll be a downhill before long so it's not so far" "That's a good news!" In fact, the downhill started soon later. It was fantastic! I could see very wonderful scenely and felt fresh air. That's really great! The downhill was quite long. I really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, I arrived at South Dunedin. Mr.Eiichi lives there. When I arrived his flat, he was surprised because I'd told him that I would arrive there tomorrow. Anyway, he welcomed me and cooked for dinner. It was so dilicious. He cooks very well. That's why I ate too much. And I had a shower. Actually, I hadn't had a shower for 3 days in spite of I had sweated everyday. Anyway, it was a wonderful trip.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:43 | Travelling