Glenavy-Oamaru-Shang Point [20th May]

a0018711_05023.jpgI got up at 8am today. It was so cold so I didn't wanna go out. Actually, I would got up at 6:30 but I kept sleeping. Anyway, I got ready to go at 9am. Then, many children came there. Some of them were interested in me. Some of them were talking about me but I left there before long. I just said,"Hello". When I was going, a bus got ahead of me. There were the children I met just then in the bus. They waved me hello with their smile from the bus. I returned waving and I was a little bit happy.

At 10am, I arrived in Oamaru. In the town, some road was too steep slopes. I had to buy some food in Oamaru because it is biggest town between Timaru and Dunedin. I looked at the town map and I went to New World(supermarket). However, on the way to go there, it was really really steep. It was like a mountain, I thought. But then, I didn't know that I would face more more steeper roads later. Anyway, I'd got some food.

Afterwards, I continued to go. There are two way to go to south from Oamaru. One of them is seaside road and another is the motorway. My boss said,"If you go by bicycle, you have to choose the seaside road. It is so beautiful" Yes, I prefer the seaside road. It's very nice. Actually, it was sunny again. The blue sky, the blue sea, the cool wind, the dazzling sun-shine... There were hilly and winding roads but for that reasons, it was very exciting. I could feel the fresh wind. At the lunch time, I had cereals with milk while seeing the blue sea. There were a quite few cars. On the way to go back to the motorway, there was too steep so I needed fresh air but I couldn't get it because there was too smelly... For that reasons, I was nearly dying.

When I met the sea again, it began to rain and I was quite tired. Then, I found the good place to stay tonight near the beach. I really think I'm always a lucky boy. By the way, there was Shang Point. It is between Moeraki and Palmerston. I took the tent under the tree and cooked roasted pork and mushrooms. And noodles again but today, with eggs. Ah, I didn't have enough water so I thought I'd cook using sea water. However, the wave was too high to get water. After dinner, I kept to put the dishes to get rain water. However, it stoped raining. Then, I saw very big rainbow on the sea. I was impressed by the rainbow. I had never seen such a big rainbow. A few minutes later, it disappeared from in front of me. Soon later, it began to rain again. I wondered if I had been dreaming.

As soon as I was into the tent, I slept. However, I woke up at 8pm. It's like yesterday. I rang to Mr.Eiichi who lives in Dunedin. I told him that I would arrived in Dunedin maybe the day after tomorrow. He said,"Take care. Don't do overwork" After that, I turned on the light and read a book while hearing the sound of the sea...
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-25 23:40 | Travelling