Thank you Sandy & Katy. [13th May (1)]

Hi, how's your life? I'm quite good. I'm not so sleepy now because I got up at noon today. Now, I'm back in Timaru.

Yesterday, I met Son on the way to go to the interview. Son is Korean guy. I got to know him at the pub in Christchurch in January, I suppose. Well, yesterday, it was very fancy meeting him there because I'd thought he was in Sydney. In February, when I was leaving Christchurch, he told me he would go to Sydney and stay for about 8 months. Then, I thought maybe it was the last time to meet him in my life... But yesterday, he was certainly in front of me. I asked him,"Why are you here?" He said,"I didn't like Sydney and I missed Christchurch" Yes, several days ago, a man who's Japanese and came from Sydney, told me that Sydney is not good place to live for Asian people because some Oz hate Asian people. What do you think Peter&Ruth.Z about it?

Well, Son had just arrived in Christchurch on 11th. He was going to school in Christchurch. I told him that we could be meeting very often if I got a job in Christchurch. When we were leaving there, he said,"You must be Korean" He says it whenever I meet him. Now, my hair is quite short so he also said,"You look the Korean army" He is a funny and nice guy. I don't know why but many Korean people told me my face is Korean.

At 4pm, I went into the shop for the interview. There were a lot of visitors in the shop. The interview happened in the shop. There were some tables and chairs there. I talked to the assistant manager and maybe the assistant manager's assistant. Actually, I really enjoyed the interview. They asked lots of questions to me. It was interesting. For example,"Why did you come to NZ?","What are you going to do when you go back to Japan?","What did you do in Japan?","How's your life in NZ?" and so on. I like talking about such things espesially the people the first meeting. I think I've done as I could then.
Afterwards, I went to Sandy's flat. Now, there are only Sandy and Katy in their flat. They welcomed me. I was so happy. When I arrived there, actually, Katy was sleeping though it was 5pm. Sandy told me it's normal to her. Before long, Katy got up and we had dinner. It was very good. We talked many things. When we were talking, the Sandy's phone rang. It was from her mother. When she was talking to her mother, suddenly, Katy began to laugh. Well, both Katy and Sandy are Taiwanese. I can't understand Chicese so I couldn't understand what Sandy was talking about and why Katy was laughing. After the calling, Sandy told us with her smilling what is up with her home in Taiwan. I can't tell you about it. Ask her if you are interested in it. She told us her mother had been excited. Then, I thought Sandy was very excited, too.

In the night, I slept on the sofa in the living room. Although I had a sleeping bag, Sandy gave me two warm blanket. When I wake up, they'd been already out because it was 12pm... Anyway, I'm very really heartfully thankful to them. Thanks a lot. I really enjoyed the time with you, Sandy and Katy.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-05-13 23:06 | Travelling