My magazine.[17th September]

a0018711_1904294.jpgActually, I am making a magazine now. I've been trying many things lately. Then, I decided to write all in a magazine.

My friend, Satomi told me that she wanted to know what I'd been doing. Also Tomoko told me that she wanted to read my recommend books list. And Hiroki told me that he wanted me to tell what I'd done and thought in New Zealand. On the other hand, Mr. Hirabayashi wanted me to write a novel. And I would like to write about meetings with interesting people.

Then, I decided to make a magazine by myself and decided to serialize them on the magazine. For that purpose, I got a new printer last month. Maybe it is generally called a literary coterie magazine. But I would make it just by myself for now.

Satomi said, "You should make 'Weekly Kazu' !"
It's really hard to make a magazine every week. But I think I could make it one magazine a month, maybe.

Anyway, I am making the first one now. Maybe it would be up by the end of this month. Afterwards, I would write it in English on the new my website as I could. Then, I'd be glad that it was read by Sindia, Imiris, and many people who interested in my writing.

Well, I'm going to Shikoku again next Monday for interviews. Then, see you later.
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-09-17 18:58