A letter from Iraq.[14th September]

I'd just like you to read the letter.

A letter to the British people. (Arabic & English)

A letter to the British people. (Japanese)

She'd also just like many people to read her letter, I think.

I'm not a militarist and not a pacifist. I am just an optimist.
But, I just want you to read it.

I'm not so interested in international situation. Like the quarrel among Japan, North Korea, South Korea, China, Taiwan, US, and so on. Well, the people, whose names are like "Japan", "Amerika", or "China", are actually nowhere. I think that there are just people living in this planet.

But her letter surely rocks my view.

Well, this photo was taken by Sindia.
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-09-14 09:14