Disaster for me.[8th September]

a0018711_17404267.jpgThis weekend, Japanese House of Representatives hold a general election.

Ah, many difficult words for me... Anyway, an election happens in Japan this weekend.

Many candidates address in cities and towns. They shout loudly everyday while raise their clenched fists.

Sometimes, they speak evil of somebody. And say, "I will change Japan!!". I often think what there is politics for. Why is everybody such spirited, defiant, and belligerent?

I'll vote if there was a candidate who makes a heartwarming address, likes happy-go-lucky fashion, easygoing, lazily style, and dull.

Well, I don't care if Japan changed or no changed. That is just a disaster for me if something bad happened for me the cause of politics.

Ah, I've used a dictionary many times today. I am a good student.
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-09-08 18:23