Meeting and death.[9th June]

a0018711_10501615.jpgThank you, imiris. Thank you, Sindia. I am very happy to have lovely friends.

Then, I wonder that I'll write a book really in English. The subjects I'd like to write are meeting, appreciation, and death.

I often think that I was born to meet something. And I also think that I will die to face something else.

I am going to visit some old people. They will probably die before I die. When it reaches my 80th birthday, there are a few people who older than me. Even if I write a book that time, I can not show it to people who have already passed away.

Somebody dies everyday. On the other hand, somebody is born everyday. Even if I would die tomorrow, I will meet someone today.

Ah, I am sleepy now. Good night. Or, good morning, to be exact?
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-06-10 11:06