At a coffee shop.[22nd May]

a0018711_22552235.jpgToday I spent over 9 hours at a coffee shop nearby. It was the first time to visit for me today. I visited there to write a manuscript and to read some books.

Actually, there are no chairs or desks in my room. I have only a low table. And my table is littered with some books, cups, dishes, CDs, letters, stationery, and manuscripts. For that reasons, it hadn't been so going smoothly to make a book lately. It was surely owing to myself. But the victim is also only myself. Then, what should I do?

Then, I went to the coffee shop today. That was great. My work ran quite better. A travesty of fairy tale was nearly finished. Although I spent more money for lunch there than at my home, I could spent really substantial 9 hours today.

I wonder if I would go there tomorrow again though I am poor as ever. Somebady said, "Time is money." you know.
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-05-22 22:54