A wonderland.[18th May]

a0018711_0202978.jpgAt the end of April, I visited Tokurin temple.

When I arrived there, Mr. Aoyama was in the room and said to me,
"Wow! You came here to celebrate the birthday of Mr. Hideo Ito?"

Mr. Aoyama is a photographer. He lives in Nagoya city and often visits Tokurin temple. I'd got to know him at "the festival of Buddha's birth" at Tokurin temple. It was at the beginning of the month.

Well, the next day was just the birthday of Mr. Hideo Ito. Of course, I hadn't known that. I visited just for my book. But anyway, it sounded good. Mr. Hideo Ito lives under the hill of Tokurin temple. He is a picture book's artist. When I'd met him before, he sketched me. He told me he would use it when he makes "Momotaro". Momotaro is a famous fairy story in Japan.

Anyway the next day, I went to Mr. Hideo Ito's birthday party. After the dinner, I played with his son, Ushio. Ushio was 5 years old, I suppose. Although I'd played with him at that Festival, I'd usually played another boy. Ushio is a quite shy boy and quiet. I thought he resembled my childhood. Opposite to him, another boy was a dynamic active boy. He used to make Ushio cry though the boy couldn't understand why Ushio cried.

Anyway, at the birthday party, I played with Ushio. He was more active than I'd though. We played with something like refuse which littering the floor. I'm often impressed with imagination which children have. They can play with anything. They can see rubbish as like toys. The next instant, it has already started their own stories in their head. When I play with them, I can sometimes see something which they made in their stories. When I played with Ushio, I could see the sea, a mole, a ship, ice hockey players, birds, barrels, and so on at just the small space in the house of Mr. Ito. It was a wonderland made by Ushio.

a0018711_0373197.jpgChildren prefer simple stories to read books or to watch TV, films, and something like that. Opposite to them, adults prefer complex stories. Adults generally think that children cannot understand complex stories so that they watch simple stories. But maybe adults don't have as much imagination as children so that they cannot enjoy simple stories, I think.

Actually, now I can see their wonderland more than three years ago though not as much as my real childhood yet. It means I've been growing down to childhood, perhaps.
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-05-18 23:59