To write in English.[11th May]

a0018711_20423148.jpgTwo weeks ago, I visited Tokurin temple of Nagoya. Then I told the people that I would make a book. A man said,
"In English?"

He is Mr. Manic, from Nepal. He lives in Tokurin temple and goes to university. He speaks English fluently.

"No way. It's impossible!", I said.
I thought he was kidding. But he said seriously,
"If you write in English, many people can read it."

Yeah, he was right. Although I have poor English skills, my diary has been sometimes read by different country people. I wonder if I would write about my book here in English if I could make it.

But anyhow, I should go forward little by little. And before everything else, I taste the mysterious days which made by my strange or ordinary action.
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-05-11 20:41