My game.[9th May]

a0018711_3321656.jpgI wanted to create computer games once. I thought game is a good medium to make arts from my ideas.

One day, a game company's boss said to me,
"You should see the various world before join the game world"
Then I thought,
"That's right. After that, I would be able to have amazing ideas of game!"

Today, 936 days have passed since that day. I wonder that I just wanted to be a great creator those days. Maybe I wanted to be an artist like as the God or a teacher or something makes the message to people.

And now, I am making a book. Now I think book is a good medium to make arts from my ideas. Now I don't want to be a great creator. I'd just like to share ideas with normal people as I am a normal person.

For making the book, I'm going to visit some interesting people who I met at Tokurin temple at the beginning of April. I'd like to introduce their interesting life styles or ideas. Although they look having strange lives, they are just ordinary people. First, I'd like to share their ideas and my ideas with people who would read my book.

And I want to show that we are all ordinary and all different.

a0018711_40613.jpgIn Japanese news, there are many people angry, sad, and suffered. On the other hand, today, I got up at 1pm. I had precooked food which bad for my health. I just listened to music for an hour. One day, I kept seeing waterfall for 3 hours. Several days ago, I enjoyed listening to the sound of rain. I often draw self-righteous pictures. But anyway, I am surely alive and happy.

Those were for nobody, just for myself. But sometimes, I feel like sharing those simple pleasure, or amusement. And then, I will make a book for my new enjoyment and also to want to share something nice with some people.

Actually, that is my game.
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-05-09 23:59