Tokurin-ji days <part 2> [4th May]

a0018711_23251351.jpgThose days, I met Mr. Akira and Mr. Jerrow (I'm not sure the spell). Mr. Akira is an ink painter. And Mr. Jerrow is a calligrapher of English. They talked about old ink painter's works and then I joined them.

I talked to Mr. Jerrow about his works. His works were quite interesting so I asked him what the arts expressed one by one. Calligraphy is Japanese and Chinese traditional art. Usually they use Chinese letters. But Mr. Jerrow does it using the English alphabet. It looked very nice.

When he left Tokurin temple, he gave me one of his works. It is hung on the wall of my room now. He wrote "Fresh" (on the photo).

a0018711_2326579.jpgMr. Akira is the first man who has similar sence of values to mine. By the way, he is 69 now. It means he has lived over three times year than me. That time, we talked about the beginning of universe, the end of time, why we are here, what human is, and something philosophical. We had really nice time.

If I hadn't been to Tokurin temple, I couldn't meet them. If I hadn't been to Kamikatsu town..., if I hadn't been to New Zealand... Anyway I'd done those and now I am here.

I wonder that I am going to many place to meet interesting people. I think that the enjoyment of my life is in such adventures.
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-05-04 23:28