Kamikatsu days <part 1>[13th March]

a0018711_23322358.jpgIn the evening on 3rd March, I flew to Tokushima where a part of Shikoku. It was rainy when I arrived at Tokushima airport. Then I caught a bus and changed to the train to quite country station. When I got off the train, Noriko was waiting there to pick me up.

She lives in Kamikatsu town. But actually it looks village. In fact, it took an hour to get her home from the station. Anyway, Kamikatsu was quite rural place and I loved it.

By the way, why I went to Kamikatsu was Working Holiday. Noriko works for the town (village?) planning company. And the Working Holiday is one of the project. In Kamikatsu, there are many old people lives, especially farmer. Then, 35 (I suppose) young city people visited there and stayed and worked at the local people's houses.
But actually, it would begin on 4th. And so I stayed Noriko's house on 3rd. And in the morning on 4th, I assisted Noriko's parents to work. It was interesting. Her parents cultivate Amego which kinds of freshwater fish. I went up to the mountain by car with her mother. There were covered with snow. I just do easy work there. There I could feel fresh air. It was so nice. There was about 700m above sea level and so it was a bit cold.

When we had a break at the cabin, she checked something on the computer. I asked her what she was doing. She said,
"It is stock trade. You know, in the country, what people enjoy is like this. Stock. It's very nice. I'll teach you how to get money. It's fun."
She is a very funny lady. Well, I said,
"I don't do gamble."
Then, she got angry.
"It's not gamble, you know? It is business!!"
"Oh, I'm sorry", I said.
She is really funny.
Well, she had been to some foreign countries. Her talk was interesting. She really likes talking. After that, She and Noriko's grand mother prepared great lunch for me. Noriko's grand mother was also funny. She also likes talking. Then, I could really relax. But she gave me too big lunch with a smile.. And I ate too much then. Anyway, I already had a very nice time before begining Working Holiday.

To be countinued...
by KazuFromNZ | 2005-03-13 23:33