Bargain.[7th October]

a0018711_21403485.jpgA couple days ago, I made a poster to sell my mobile phone and a sleeping bag. But I hadn't got any rings and so I asked some my friends if they need a mobile phone or a sleeping bag. Today, I did business at school.

Then, I found the person who wanted to buy the sleeping bag. Then, we started to bargain over the price. We were serious.
"It is 10 dollers." I said. Then,
"8 dollers!" She said.
"How about the mobile and the sleeping bag, in total, 90 dollers?"
"Show me. ...Let me think... How much was it?"
"200 dollers. If you buy both of them, I'll give some food or seasoning as well."
"Let me think. How about 50 dollers?"
"50 dollers? Then, I'll sell to a shop."
"Wait! How about 60 dollers?"

We talked for all the break time. Finally, she decided to buy just the sleeping bag. She said that she would think about the mobile phone by tomorrow. Anyway, I enjoyed to bargain over the price.

Actually, I could sell the mobile phone to another Japanese guy. He rang me in the afternoon. He came to Christchurch just a few days ago. And so he was also looking for a flat. Then, I asked him what he thought about our flat. An hour later, he came to our flat to buy my mobile phone and have a look there. He seemed to think he liked it. Then, I invited him for tomorrow lunch. Tomorrow, Cullen, who is my flat mate, is going to prepare for lunch party for me.

"Come to the party as my good friend, please." I said like that though I've got to know him just today. Anyhow, it must be good fun.

By the way, I'm making a speech tomorrow at school. I have to think about that but the devil of sleep (sleepiness) has come onto my brain just now. So, good night.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-07 21:03