Chat with a bank lady.[5th October]

a0018711_21355846.jpgThis morning, I woke up at 9. Yes, I overslept again and late for school. I arrived at school at 9:40. I've been sleepy in the mornings lately. Well, I've heard some my friends not to feel so good lately. Michael, who is my teacher, said that is hay fever or perhaps the cause of daylight saving. Last Sunday, summer time started. Then, sunrise and sunset became later.

And so it had been 8 o'clock that I woke up this morning if it hadn't been summer time. But it had, unfortunately. In Japan, they say spring is good season to have an afternoon nap. In spring, many people are sleepy at the daytime.

After school, I went to the bank to close account. Then, I had a chat with the bank lady. I talked about my life in New Zealand a little bit. I've stayed in New Zealand for an year, I've been to school, I've worked, I'm going back to Japan on Sunday, like that. It was nothing special for normal people. But for me, it was great and I was really glad because my first day in New Zealand, it was quite difficult even to have lunch at Burger King. Today, I could enjoy talking to a bank lady. It was amazing.

Afterwards, I caught the bus and then said "Hello" to the driver. And 15 minutes later, I said "Thank you!" to him as usual before got off. Thanks to the bus driver and the custom of Kiwi, it has really improved that my pronounciation of "Hello" and "Thank you".
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-10-05 20:52