I am back in Christchurch! [9th September]

a0018711_12482984.jpgHello, everyone. How’s it going? I’m very fine. I’ve just arrived in Christchurch and stayed at YHA.

This morning, I met my contractor and got pay. A couple days ago, there became no works at the bin yard in Blenheim. And so I’d wondered that I’ve been going to Chch recently. Then, the contractor told me that he would go to Chch an hour later. Although I was in the town of Blenheim then, I went home soon, packed the big luggage, and left Blenheim.

And this evening, I arrived at YHA in Christchurch. Then, I was very impressed by many things. In Blenheim, I’d had very poor life. In my flat, there were no fridge, no toaster, no washing machine, no TV, no chair, no table, and no bed cloths. Of course, there was quite dirty. But now, the life was finished. I am in YHA. This evening, I had some piece of bread with jam. When I was having it, I remembered that there was toaster in YHA. As soon as I remembered it, I went to the kitchen and set the bread into the toaster. Two minutes later, I had some pieces of toast and very impressed that it was very delicious. Maybe I had never been impressed by toast before.

a0018711_12485538.jpgAfter dinner (toast), I walked around the city. When I was standing at a crossing, I saw Hiro to wave me in the bus. I was surprised and followed the bus to the Bus exchange. I’d thought there were almost no people I knew in Christchurch. Anyway, I could meet Hiro and talked in front of the Bus exchange.

I suppose the last time I’d met him was in May in Timaru. We talked about our lives after the last time we met. There were lots of things to tell and ask each other. Anyway, he looked very fine and me as well. He told me he was going to stay in Chch until 25th of this month, and so, we said, “See you soon later” and he got on the bus.

a0018711_12491461.jpgA couple days ago, I got a text message from In hye who is a Korean girl. We were classmates at the language school last year. On the text message, she told me that she was in Chch still, and so I sent a text to her today. After Hiro was gone, I met her in front of Cathedral. She looked good as well. I suppose the last time I met her was in April. She said,
“Tell me tell me about your life”
She is a funny girl. By the way, she has been to the English language school still. And so her English skills have quite improved, I thought.

After that, I went back to YHA and had a nice shower and went to bed. Actually, I slept in a sleeping bag at the days in Blenheim. I can’t believe that I was in Blenheim this morning. I feel it was long time ago. When I woke up this morning, I never expected that I would sleep in Christchurch tonight. I don’t know what I’ll be doing tomorrow night. My future is blind but I like it.

Then, see you later.
by KazuFromNZ | 2004-09-17 10:45